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anyone got a refund? (last night's technial issue)

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Inactive Etsy Member 6:15pm Aug 9, 2012 EDT
i renewed my ACTIVE items to bring to the most recent page in order to get more views (the category has more than 35,000 items, 884 pages). but etsy had an new/renew listing issue so i ask them to get a refund since my item were never been on the first page.

they email me back and said it may takes UP TO 24 HOURS to appear within a category and try a search inquiry using my listing's tags. didn't mentioned anything about there technical issue from last night. this is very frustrating.

have anyone got any announcement or refund?

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Even without technical issues, a new or newly renewed item isnt guaranteed to hit the front page of search or appear in the "newly listed" section of the front page

You pay your 20c for a 4 month listing and nothing more -- so Etsy won't be issueing any refunds
I don't believe they're going to refund for this since listing fees allow an item to be listed for four months. It is not guranteed that your listings will ever be on the first page of any category at any time regardless of site issues.
Jinx, Marmalady :)
i don't expect any refund. i can live with a couple hour delay. my items were displayed in my shop and were favorited there before search started working again.
There is a gazillion things on Etsy, and a few less than a gazillion being listed/relisted at any moment. They aren't all going to make it to the front page, regardless of technical issues.
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:55pm Aug 9, 2012 EDT
thanks for your feedback and comments.
Technical issues notwithstanding, the chances of either a newly listed or renewed item appearing on the first page of any category is extremely slim.

The first page of the category only has room for a very small number of listings in comparison to the number of items being listed.

And besides, how would you calculate the refund?

$.20 for 4 months is $.05 per month and assuming a 30 day month that's about a tenth of a cent per day.
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:37pm Aug 9, 2012 EDT
in each category, you can sort by most recently posted showing which shows exactly how many minutes/hours ago the listing was posted. so, given you renew an item and you then later view the specific category it is in by most recently posted why would it not be shown accurately? this was not in any way an issue of cost, simply the principle of how the etsy system runs and search options it offers.
I asked for a refund, after renewing 20 items during the down time.

They know it's a common practice and people are willing to spend it, because it works. When it doesn't work because of site issues, I feel a refund is in order.

I've gotten refunds from etsy for mistakes and site issues. There is no reason not to ask.

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