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Something silly the USPS does............

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Inactive Etsy Member 2:52pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT edited
(I'll preface this by telling you that I recently gave up my PO box, and now just have home delivery...same town, same zip. I filed a change of address at the PO)

I am missing a package. So, I tracked it, and saw where my local PO supposedly delivered it to my home, on 7/27. Nope, they didn't.

Called the PO...and here's what I learned: Since the package arrived with my old PO # on it, it had to go thru the 'change of address' procedure. That procedure is to RETURN the package to the originating PO (with the new address on it), then that PO sends it back thru the system, and it gets re-delivered.

well ok. Let's see......2 POs in Michigan and 3 POs in NCarolina.......times 2 complets round trips.......equals TWENTY postal stops, each stop requiring handling and record keeping.....And they are going broke....wonder why???????

Oh...and all of this......IF the package arrives here tomorrow as they claim it will....has taken exactly 21 days.

So one more thing to ask your customers who complain of late shipments is.....have you changed your address in the last 12 months?

Luckily for my seller....I never had to call to complain, the Po knew immediately what had happened. Because they all know me. And know where I live. And still, because of that silly rule they couldn't bring me my package.

Silly, silly.............

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lol that is so funny, and you are so bang on about the going broke for doing this so foolishly
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:57pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT
Wow...if they were going to do all that, why did they have you even go through the trouble to let them know you moved? If they were going to call the hounds out to track your every move...they would have eventually found you. No need for all the written correspondence when they sent out the doves..lmbo! PO man, and they wonder how they waste so much money..must be job security?
T'sk, t'sk. The bureacracy drives me crazy.
That's wild! Last year when I moved, I made sure not to order anything several weeks beforehand because I was worried a package would get delivered to my old address and I'd be waiting forever for it.
wow - that is just crazy.
and they can't think of ways to run more efficiently towards being profiable........ hmmmmm
Thx for mentioning.

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