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Direct payment billing for additional shipping

I just had a customer pay with direct checkout, but she needs the items faster than regular shipping options. I'm sending them International Express Mail at her request, so I need a way to bill her for the additional shipping costs. Is there a way to do this through direct checkout? If she were paying by PayPal I just would have sent her an invoice for the additional amount. To even do that as far as I can tell I'll first have to ask her for her email address because I don't even have access to it. Is there a more direct way to do this, or am I stuck using Paypal? I guess I could also set up an additional listing for the shipping and have her buy that, but that seems cumbersome.

Any suggestions? Am I missing something?

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There is no option to send an invoice through Direct Checkout. Just one of many things Etsy overlooked, unfortunately.
Rachel, I think you could send them a PayPal invoice to the email they have listed on the direct checkout receipt. Just let them know you are doing it that way, and they don't need a PayPal account to pay it - they can use their credit card on Paypal's site.
You can still send her a Paypal invoice.
making a listing just for shipping upgrades is against etsy rules

you have their email on the invoice

and , if they wont or cant use paypal, or another method you have, the only way is to refund and cancel the sale, and make them go through checkout again with an updated listing
I've been sending Paypal invoices.

Lots of them. . .
@artisianwoodcrafting, that is against TOUs?? That stinks! I have seen so many other sellers do this and always thought if any of my buyers wanted an upgrade I would just create a listing for that. Why I wonder is it against the rules?
Supposedly, we're only allowed to list tangible items... actual product, not services like gift wrapping, shipping upgrades, etc

But if the buyer has no objection to paying for the upgrade thru PayPal, that has nothing to do with Etsy, because they only charge fvf on the item price, minus shipping anyhow.... so you can invoice them thru PP.

They really need to address the invoice issue with DC before the holiday shopping season ramps up, because there will be the usual last minute shoppers, who may also be first time buyers that want to use DC to pay, and it would behoove Etsy to give us the ability to invoice them, or it could mean lost sales for sellers and lost DC fees for Etsy.
All listings on Etsy must be for a tangible object. (Note: a digital file is considered a tangible object.)

a shipping upgrade is not a tangible item for sale

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