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How to make your photos "pop"

I have already retaken all the photos in my shop several times and even made a light box to improve them but still being told that their not to great. I've tried pic already and use picasa. Any ideas to make them better. Having a hard time getting the white in my pics all the same... PLEASE HELP!

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Inactive Etsy Member 7:04am Aug 11, 2012 EDT
I like Photoscape.
I see you have earring and What I like when I see sellers place them on their own branding earring card so they hang plus you can use what ever color for the card that photographs well and you can put your store name on the cards so it is extra marketing as your earrings are hard to see and they seem to be lost with other items in the picture
I use a lightbox and edit in Picassa - especially brightening the photos. Try to keep a neutral background. I hang my earrings from an ivory earring bowl and from a white or clear earring holder. I don't like the idea of using earring cards - your items won't make it into a treasury with verbiage on them!
I think they look pretty! If you want them whiter than white and brighter than bright, try fotofuze.
<<<I used it to make my avi
I like your arrangements. There are some free photo editing programs like If you want to lighten them just a tad.
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:05am Aug 11, 2012 EDT
Try taking them outside on a light colore piece of scrapbook paper. The natural sun is the best. That's what I do. Some people will say they hate white background and that they look plain and some say my photos looked washed out but it's all personal preference and style. I like the style of my photos. The images are clear and the colors are true.

If you want to do the earring card idea, you can just don't use it as your main image as you will be less likely to make a treasury or front page.
Hello ~ I really like this photo in your shop I think because the pink color makes it pop. I noticed you may need a little depth perception in your photos. I think that's what's making them look kind of flat. To change this, you can add your earrings to an object that is a neutral color, that won't detract from your cute items. As suggested above.
As far as lighting, natural light is the best. If you have a small place that you can set up near a window, that would be ideal. Also, you want to diffuse the light so it's not too bright. To do this, try taping a piece of waxed paper to the window pane. This will soften the light and may give you shadows which also helps with the depth perception.
Try super close-ups. Even if it's only of one part of your item. An interesting cover shot will bring your customers in.
Also, take a look at other shops and see how they're photographing their items. There are so many artistic and talented people who take amazing photos of their work.
Hope this helps and good luck! You're going to do fine once you get the hang of it :)

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Inactive Etsy Member 8:19am Aug 11, 2012 EDT

That one is the best photo, the others look kind of grayish. Have you checked the white balance on your camera? I agree with Tara that you should try shooting with natural light.

One thing I do is set up a sort of partial light box for natural light. I have a table near a window and when the light is nice and bright I use 3 pieces of white poster board. One for the bottom, one for the back, and one for the left side, window is on the right, so it is 3 sided and open to the window. You can just prop the standing poster boards up with something behind them. It is a really easy set up and works pretty well for the most part. Hope that helps and good luck!
Hi Rachel,
You had a post on this forum on Aug 7th entitled 'Photography Help' and I sent you the below answer:

"Deirdre Furtado from VermontDolls says
Hi Rachel, everything Ii learned about photography I learned from this forum. I have an inexpensive light box, about $35.00. These can be purchased from and are very useful as they can be folded up and have a carry case. I take pictures in the lightbox, outside. I then download them to my computer and edit them using Picaso and then Photofuze to get my completely white background. The picture on my avatar, left, was taken outside on a cloudy day and I simply propped up the closed light box behind me to get the right effect. I hope this helps. I am not a great photographer or very tech savy but this seems to work for me."

If you like my photos, which I am told 'pop', and they have made some treasuries since I did them this way, then this is what you do. Please feel free to convo me if I can be of any help, though I am still learning. Good luck to you.

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