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How to get a response.....

Hey guys....I need some advice. This thread is not about calling out anyone so lets say hypothetically bought some supplies from a shop worked with a customer and developed an item that they want to place a large order for. When the customer was ready to buy you go to the shop to order all the supplies you need...BUT the shop was on vacation for almost a whole know some sellers will and can answers convos while on vacation so you tried to reach them once but to no avail. You were able to hold your customer off and waited for the shop to reopen. It reopened a week ago and you immediately send a polite convo requesting a reserved listing and also have an important question. You get no response and you convo again and explain the urgency in a nice way...still no response. It's a well established shop and you are sure it's busy but you are going to lose a very important sale if you can't get the supplies ASAP. Oh and you have looked everywhere for similar supplies but they are not to be found. What would you do to get this sellers attention? Will Etsy help in anyway. You are at your wits end...(yes I am! LOL)

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After all of that time, I would give up and find a different way to make the item, using something different. I wouldn't wait that long.

Good Luck !! :)
I don't think Etsy will intervene, sorry.
Can you find those supplies off etsy?
Marna, did you try email? If you have bought from them before their email would appear on that transaction.
I don't think there's anything else you can do. Have you checked their feedback? No response is a red flag.
Find another supplier!
If they are not answering your convos they may be overwhelmed or still catching up.
You may be at the end of a very long list.
Good luck!
Hi guys...thanks so much for your input. I have looked everywhere here and everywhere else. I would rather not say what it is because I don't want to get close it this being a "call out" I did buy from them before and I did try using their regular email once. I have not excessively tried to reach them. They had a few neg feedbacks back but with over 6,000 sales it was negligible. I always try and use Etsy for supplies and I'm so disappointed and worried that I'll lose the sale. Just don't know what to do at this point. :(
if they are well established here on E then they might be swamped with new orders after almost a month being away, i am sure they supply many, when you go to your previous purchase and click on them i think they will give you their regular email, try that,
if no response there is nothing else you can do other then try and maybe think about a slightly different design
I wish people wanted my items this badly :) why would you still want to shop there after their great customer service?

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