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ETSY, you made a big mistake now. Where is the Discount Code to be put in at checkout??????????????????????????????????

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Just click the blue link that says "add shop coupon" and that will bring up a box where you can enter the code :)

It's been that way for six months or more.
No, it just hit me today. Thanks for the immediate help Brandi. Trish
OK, still can't find anything as it goes directly to paypal. There is nothing on the page with a blue box. Everyone has a discount code already and waiting to put it in at checkout. The lady who just purchased wrote very unset because there was no opportunity to put her code in before it took her to paypal for the larger amount.
if she can't find it, have her checkout and then refund through PayPal

it is a blue link, not a box. The link takes you to the box to enter the code
OP, I just went to your shop, put an item in my cart, and went to checkout. The "apply shop coupon code" link is there in blue.
The link where you open the box is on the screen before you proceed to checkout. Have the customer add the item(s) to the cart, then on the cart page, before you proceed to paying, it shows the price and the shipping costs. Underneath the shipping costs, there is the link for shop coupon. When you click directly on the link, it opens a box to enter the code. Only then proceed to checkout.
She has to do it BEFORE she presses "Checkout with Paypal". Add the item to her cart, go to her cart, see right under all the credit card logos it says "Apply Shop Coupon Code", click that, add code, THEN press the big green button to checkout with paypal.
OK, I check that again.
Thanks everyone. I hope my customers are as dumb as I was. Yesterday I got a box at the bottom of my items for discount code.

In any case, if you are interested in 80% discount, please visit my DISCOUNT CODE SECTION and shop away. hahaha

I don't usually have sales but I'm heading more into bridal pieces. I've been asked to have a feature story done on Ashira Jewelry in the magazine which is a Toronto Luxury Life Magazine - first edition will be September. We're thrilled to have our pieces in this exclusive magazine.

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