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complete invisibility

Hello to all Etsy site help people,
for about a week or so my shop has become's not only that i do get any sales, there also no new favourites at all for the shop or my seperate lisitngs.
I used to have about two to three new favourites daily. Not even my treasuries get as many views as they used to , which is not in itself so important , but i'm mentioning it to stress my point, as it were.Needless to say that movement in my stats has been non existent also.
I don't know waht to think anymore.
I lately started another new shop on Etsy and have even thought that it might be 'hiding' my first shop.
Anybody got any ideas?

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wow, an empty thread!

how did that happen?
No ideas, just lunged when I saw the word, "invisible".

I used to have a sale every two or three my shop is snoozin'!

Admittedly I have not been making or adding new items, so I just chalk up the lack of visibility to my lack of activity!

Wishing you lots o' views!!
LOL!! Lego!!

It has been up and down for me also Sophia! I suspect it is the nature of the search!
Lego from AllegroArts says

wow, an empty thread!

how did that happen?

Huh? What? Where?
Just some thoughts on your titles (and tags):

Few people will be searching for the phrases you have targeted in your title for this:
"Tiny Acrobats on a Brass ball , dressed in Black and white, completely handmade and handpainted movable miniature sculpture"

It is a fabulous piece and likely would be in zillions more treasuries if you titled and tagged with more descriptions like "couples, wedding, true love, duo" - phrases that emphasize togetherness and love. There are so many treasuries with this theme.
You are definitely not alone in experiencing a decrease in shop activity! I am right there with you.

That said, if you haven't already, you might read up on SEO and use of keywords to help your shop be more searchable. It looks to me - and I am certainly no expert! - that your titles could be adjusted to reflect how someone might search for your items.

Much luck to you! a ghost.

I'm working on it though. Cindy's SEO team has bunches of good info. Grab some tea, sit and read.
yes, I would completely rework your titles and tags. Study up on SEO. You cannot expect shoppers to just magically find you.

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