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Question about treasuries

I always thought that we were NOT supposed to put our own item in the treasuries we create, yet I see people doing it all the time. Did I miss something? Is it okay to put our own item in our treasures that we create?

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this is what it says when you are going to create one.

If you'd like your list to be chosen for inclusion on Etsy's home page, here are a few tips:

Be diverse! No more than one item per shop.
Don't include your own items. Spread the love!
Make it beautiful.

to make it on the front page....don't include your items. I have never done it. i just don't like to toot my own horn i guess.
It's not that it isn't allowed but the treasury won't have a shot at the front page if you do. I don't worry so much about that, but I think of treasuries as a fun way to show off cool stuff I've found and not a way to promote myself. Personally I think it's a little tacky to include your own item.
there is no rule against it....but many sellers think it's tacky and your treasury will not be chosen for FP.

I say if you want to do it.

I make treasuries...I have not included my own items in any of them.
I'm not concerned with the front page because I rarely make it there anyway.
I just wouldn't feel comfortable including my own item.
I think of a treasury more as a promotion of other shops, not my own. So I have yet to include and item of mine in one.
I would rather give exposure to others.

It would feel strange to put my own items in a treasury.....

I don't think that Treasuries were made for self promotion. :)

Just my opinion. :)
Thanks for the feedback. I would not feel comfortable putting my own items in my treasury either, but I just noticed today a few treasuries where people had done it. It would not have occurred to me to do it. Thanks.
Where is it you can check to see if your item has been included in a treasury. Unless the curator e-mails me, how can I check to see if an item of mine has been included?
Therese --it will usually show up in your activity feed.
I'm going to disagree, respectfully with everyone here.
Treasuries are a way to introduce others to great things you find on Etsy. The possibility of making the front page is pretty slim -- and really not such a great benefit either, in my experience -- so I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with putting one item of your own in a treasury you have made.
I think of treasuries as "get to know you" exercises -- and as such, I think it's appropriate to introduce yourself when you make a treasury.
It's not tacky at all, IMO -- I don't know where that came from or why people think that. It's a bit precious!
One item of your own amid the 15 others is not exactly wild self promotion.
I do it, and make no apologies for it. And I wish others did too. I would be more than happy to see the curator's item featured in a treasury, and think that should be encouraged. I usually go to the curator's shop when I'm featured -- and I'd love to see them feature one of their own pieces, on theme, in the treasury they have made.
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