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Kiss and Make up. Do both parties have to leave feedback for it to work?

I initiated Kiss and Make Up for the first time, but not sure if it's worked correctly. I think the main problem is I never actually left the other person a feedback. Is it necessary? It seems bad form to leave a negative feedback just to get a response from the other person. It's been two days and I haven't heard a peep from the buyer. Any advice here is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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If you search the forums using Kiss and make up you might find a good answer. Good luck!
When you submit a request you have to leave positive feedback in the request, but it does not actually give them positive feedback until they accept the request.
Oh. Crap. I think I thought that was where I was supposed to explain the miscommunication.
Is there a way to re-do it?
you can't leave negative comments in a positive feedback rating...I believe it's actually against the TOU.
it can't be changed once the KAMU is accepted
Huh? I never said anything negative. I haven't actually left any feedback at all yet. In the Kiss and Make up thing, I just explained that I can re-send the file in any format they need or just issue a refund, whatever they preferred.
when you change fb to positive with a's not necessary to post any "miscommunications". You are changing your fb to positive. a simple "thank you" is fine
I just ordered digital files also and I did not know there was two files one was a JPEG and the other PNG I think those are the letters, I just contacted the seller and she told me my point is maybe she did not know like I did not know. Did she message you about it first?

I think sometimes buyers do not know how a negative feedback really hurts us and they just want to communicate something simple if they knew they probably would not do it especially for something like this easy fix

I hope it works out, I sure it will maybe in the future send the both files with explanation on them
Yeah, I'm thinking I will absolutely have to be crystal clear in my listings that the default is a JPG, but other file types (including PNG) are available. And state it again in the e-mail when I send the file.

To answer your question: I actually never received any communication from the buyer whatsoever. They bought the file, and a few days later they left the neg. I've never actually received any response to anything I've sent.

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