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Customer contacted me saying she is unable to complete an order...

I was contacted by a customer who is attempting to place an order and the "place order" button stays grey, keeping them from making the purchase. Has anyone else had this problem.


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Betsy, I'm wondering if this is a glitch. You may get a quick response by posting in Bugs (below).

I hope this is soon resolved for you and your Customer
Is she in a country that you don't ship to?

Only time this happened to me the buyer forgot to mention she was in Canada and I was in the US and I only had "ships to": USA ticked off.

IN that case all you need to do is edit your listing to include her country.

that is the only thing I can think of that might be wrong.
Thanks, everyone. I re-posted in "Bugs" and wrote etsy. I have an "everywhere else" shipping option, so I don't think that could be the problem.

This a bit frustrating... :)
This happened once to me, in a rather unique circumstance. I was trying to check out with a custom listing, only a minute to so after it was listed. Unbelievably in that short amount of time, someone else purchased it. The item however, was not showing yet as "sold" , just as a gray button that was not clickable for me. long did it take to show up as sold?
It happened to me once that the ' mark as despatched ' button was greyed out and it was suggested to clear your cache and cookies- it worked
Seems like it took a couple minutes on that day for some reason to show up as sold, but I was not really paying attention to that--I was really stressed that someone had bought the item as it was a baby gift I needed asap! :-)
It's not happening for her, (my customer). I ran it by an administrator and she gave a suggestion concerning turning something off if the customer is using explorer, (which she is). The customer seems to not think this is the issue.

maybe have her remove it from her cart and put it back again?

whenever any of the buttons (like mark shipped, etc.) are greyed out, usually clearing the cache and cookies will bring them back.

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