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International Order Scam?

A customer from London is claiming the post office is asking for an additional $24.00 to pick up their order. I have sent many orders to England and never encountered this. Has anyone else? The customer is from London.

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If orders are over a certain amount, some countries charge customs and duty fees. I think she can deny the package and have it sent back to you, and then you could refund her, if she doesn't want to pay. But it's really the customers responsibility to know about shipping in their country.
it could be customs and duty fees. over a certain value they are taxed.
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:11pm Aug 18, 2012 EDT edited
Maybe you should add in your policies that any other added fees either from custom or taxes are the responsibility of the buyer, so the buyers are aware.
I have seen a lot of shops here list that in their policies.
it has to do with the weight of the package or with the value of its content.
Okay. Thank you.It was not an expensive package so I was surprised the fee was so high.
If I'm not mistaken, England has a threshold of £20 which is about 23 bucks. So anything over that could incur VAT and handling fees.
Thank you, Linda.
This is not a scam
This is very likely Import Duty (and the carrier fee of around £8)
It is for her to know her Countries Import allowances and not your responsibility, however she may refuse to go and collect it

Did it have tracking? If not then she can do Paypal INR claim and will receive ALL her original payment refunded -and hopefully it will eventually be returned to you

So don't forget to add this info to your policies for future International purchases as you can point them to it
I live in the UK... and I have to say, it's not unusual at all for a package to have underpaid postage - even one sent FROM the UK TO the UK.

It does sound more likely that's it's customs fees. Did your buyer say what the fees were for?
I did encounter something similar with shipping to the UK once- how much *was* the package? It was not an error, nor anything I did wrong- it is very expensive after a certain threshold. Let me see if I can find my link to this very very helpful site for intl orders...

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