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auto save treasuries as they are being built, please!!

not sure if you've already addressed this. i lost another treasury recently due to this but i'm aware that it could be entirely a user bug!!!

if you accidentally navigate away from the page you lose your treasury. i cannot tell you how many treasured treasuries i have lost and had to attempt to recreate because of this! it's completely maddening.

i already have 2 open pages in order to create one treasury. one for the favorites and one for the treasury. if i accidentally have a brain fart in between pages i lose my treasury.

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Why not simply Join the prototype that's allowing items to be added to treasuries right from the listing page?

that would save some of the heartache of having more than one window open.

I've found that if I save the treasury after adding every 4 items that its much easier to recreate when I screw up.
great! so i joined the prototype today....which i am VERY excited about.....

i thought that once you save your treasury it will post???? so silly!!!

you can delete this thread if you want. basically it's an air head issue i think because i didn't realize i had the ability to save my items in the treasury as i went along. i will do that....

but wait, then if i navigate away from the treasury even if the items are saved but there is no title yet where will i find them??

i actually do have a cognitive impairment which makes this particularly funny to me!! for some reason i just can't wrap my head around this. i just wish if you hit back on the browser it would go back to my treasury.

anway thanks for your help. i'll just play with it!!

thanks for letting me make an ass out of myself without judging me, lol!!

Salty your questions are quite valid.

You can always find your treasuries at
and click on the ' your treasury lists' on the right side of the page.

I'm not sure if you can save a treasury without it having a title. I've never tried that.

But you can set it to a private treasury while you are creating it and then when you are done reset it so that everyone can see it.
You won't be able to create a treasury without a title. Thanks so much crochetgal, these are great posts!
Setting it to a private treasury starts the clock. Some people do not like to list old (by date) treasuries. I use shmetsy which allows me to save the treasury as a draft until I am ready to on publish which is when the clock starts ticking on the treasury.

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