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Translation Question

Got my first sale to Taiwan, the address i got was written in their language, the symbols, do i translate that, then send it to that address?

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I think I would just copy and paste it as is.
but its international, and i have to fill out a customs form, i will mess up the symbols if i try and write them
oh, the customs form. I guess that would have to be in English.

Can you translate it? Have you tried?
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:13 am Aug 20, 2012 EDT
If you're handwriting it, I'm not sure. I use and I'd just copy and paste....

Maybe take it to the post office and ask?
ya it translates to an adress, so im assuming its fine, but u know sometimes translations aren't perfect :/
Wow this is food for thought. I have considered expanding my shipping options after seeing traffic on Google analytics and favorites. My problem is our stuff hits a roadblock on sizing from customs from the few countries I have looked at so far. Alternate character sets are certainly concerning for customs I would hate to offend someone with and errant letter, but I would like to be able to ship things to overseas locales.
You should be able to copy/paste the address as it is into the online customs forms, the post office accepts that as long as the city, postal code, and country are in English. I wouldn't translate the whole address, there could be errors, but you should be safe with the city and postal code. And you know it's Taiwan, so enter that in English.
I'd just use Paypal shipping. The addy is already entered in there (it's automatic for Etsy sales), you just fill out the package dimension info and print. As an added bonus you get a cheaper rate from the USPS (at least we do in Canada). After all, on the delivery end they'd likely prefer that it be in the local orthography, right?
Use google translate. That might help a little bit. has a really good reference for writing all addresses from all the countries in the world... I use them all the time

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