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Please put the Art category Back on the Front Page

i am exhausted

i am exhausted from worry and stress at what this change or "test" is doing for my shop

Art does not belong under "home and garden"

Buyers will not know art is here.

Some of the biggest top sellers on Etsy are Art sellers and they are also Print sellers

Under Home and Garden> Art> they have removed the "PRINTS" category

Its crazy!!

In February I was in a Quit Your Day Job Article

Now it looks like I will have to quit my art job and go out and look for work.

PLEASE put the Art category back on the front page!!!!

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I am sorry! it is not right, ART should definetly have its on category!!!!!
I'm with you Kathy all the way

Art on FP PLEASE etsy
I'm with you
I cannot for the life of me figure out why it was removed. Art is such a big part of the Etsy 'look'; the lifeblood of an artistic community. Put it back guys...

I am so saddened by this test, by even the thought of it.....
I'm new and have come in just as Etsy took Art off Fp.I sell Art and Vintage.They had the Vintage off fp as well for awile.Ohh that hurt.
Please Etsy-Art back on Front page!!
It wasn't broke, please fix it back
I can't believe they haven't corrected this yet. It is a huge mistake not to have Art on the FP.
I know a lot of front pages will still show "ART" as a category , but we dont know how many other front pages show the "Home and Garden" test. Could be a large percentage. My shop stats are way down. Usually i can renew something and get a sale, but now its liek my shop is invisible.

Its a beautiful day here in sunny australia and i am in here, inside freaking out with worry

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