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How can I get critiques for my shop??

Ive applied to teams, but they take forever to get accepted, thats is if they ever are. Or the team is pretty empty so it takes a week to get one post. I would really like to know what keeps people from buying from my shop! I use picmonkey to edit my pictures because my camera is horrible, so I already know I need to work on that...

Can anyone give me a link to somewere I can get critiques?
Ill promote some shops that give me tips and such!

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There's a link to a good self-critique thing. Let's see if someone pops in with it...

The one and only valid Link is the one given to you, yesterday I think...a Critiques patient, folks love to give Critiques on Etsy, but it has to be in the right place, or Etsy views them as Promotions...aka "TVP"
I didnt even ask for critiques yesterday? I asked about coupons and if you need to be an etsy member to buy stuff. So I honestly dont know what link youre talking about :/ I know critiques need to be posted in the right place, thats why I asked for any links people had...
Sorry, you are correct, I must have had a "Senior Moment" and confused you with another I will bump this thread for you in case anyone comes up with another suggestion..carry on :-)
Here's the "critique your own shop" link:

To look for a critique team, at the top left of your page, go to community>teams and search on critique. There are loads of them. The teams are generally swamped, so it doesn't happen immediately. I'm one of 2 leaders on a team, and we both have full-time jobs, families, etsy shops, and other commitments. A critique usually takes me 1.5-2 hours.

I'll tell you right now, reading up on SEO will help your shop (your titles could use some work), and I see some out-of-focus photos (most notably the pixi dust ones and some of your pendants).
I agree with VRS. I usually don't comment on photos, but yours looked blurry to me.

On the surface, everything looked okay to me - banner, announcements, policies, etc...
Your titles and tags could use some tweaking - and the photos.
I was curious about this statement in one of your listings:

* Coupon ONLY VALID IF you purchase this ring and a necklace !!!

I may be wrong, but I think there is something in the rules against doing this.
oh my gosh, Is there really?? :[ I never made coupons before, I thought I understood it properly :/
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:13pm Sep 6, 2012 EDT
Try using to work on your pictures and check out this article for help with your tags, descriptions etc (SEO). Someone else posted it in one of the forums and it helped me a lot! Hope it does the same for you! Good luck!
I'm wondering if you realize that "wonton" is a food item...
I think the word you were looking for is "wanton."

I don't know if this would stop anyone from shopping in your store... but it might make someone giggle.

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