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Anyone out there do craft shows? I have a question for you.......

If you use all of your shop items in your craft show, what do you do with your you don't sell the same thing (I have ooak)??

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Geez there's an art show down the road from where I live and there was a thunderstorm today...really scares me off.
Put your shop on vacation for the day. I know it sucks and you might miss out on a sale but it would be worse if you double sold an OOAK piece.
thats what I figured would be the best. I'd rather miss a sale that sell an item twice, and it would probably be my luck. lol
I deactivate the items which are ooak.. then re activate when I come home. Or if you have internet access you could remove items as they sell at the fair.
Either deactivate or put on vacaton till your show is over. don't chance selling those items twice.
honestly, i just keep my shop open and deactivate the listing from my phone as soon as it sells if it's OOAK. unless your shop is super busy and you are selling multiple things per day, it's unlikely that you'll sell the exact listing on etsy and at the show at the very same time...possible of course, but for me, i don't worry about it.
Doing a show now but have separate inventory so that is a relief.
Stormy here too but people still come reguardless/
My luck I wouldn't chance it...
I just put the show in my announcement and deactivate the listings that I'll be selling at the show. That way if people visit my shop that day or weekend, they can still browse and all my links on blogs and other sites still remain live. (except for the deactivated ones)

Good luck at your show!

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