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New Etsy message about member "following your shop" ? How is it done?

While I have had lots of messages about someone putting me in their "Circle", in the month of September, I have been getting messages like this:
"Anasthassia (thasshia) started following you on Etsy!"
So this is new. I have looked on other pages and cannot find any option to "follow " someone on Etsy. Does this mean they are notified if I list something new?

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I'd noticed that as well - I assumed it was just a different way of saying they had added me to their circle. But maybe not.
Yes, circles changed to followers.
This has been around the forums since it started. Etsy just changed circles to following. I am not certain why that seems to be bothering people. What difference does it make what they call or change circles to? Seems like following is the right term.
Okay, BUT, I am still getting the usual messages about people adding me to their Circle, so there are both of these messages going on.
Is there any way for a follower to get notified when I list new items in my shop?
Customer's have asked this.

thank you again
IT is another of etsy's tests--and I am "in" it!

They have simply changed "circles" to following---sounds kind of creepy apparently! LOL
No--no way does it "notify" them of anything--Just a new word---Maybe the reason you get both is they might be rolling this out now.
If they are "following " you , it suggests that they are watching what you are doing, it is more active than adding you to a circle, which is a static term, following implies they are seeing what you are doing. I think the terms imply different things.
You can ask etsy admin why they did this then---I don't think we here have any idea.

Apparentl;y some people are disturbed by the term as I have seen numerous threads about this.
Well, I was really hoping they had created a way for "followers" to actually follow your shop ,by giving notifications of new items. That would be a real plus, when customers ask for this.

Unfollow username?

Are you sure you want to stop following this person?

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