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selling knitting patterns

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what I do is make a ton of emails at once and keep them in draft mode. This way all I have to do is open the email and paste in the address and the person's name. Everything else is prepared ahead of time. This way I can also send the email from anywhere.
I do the same thing ^. I have a folder in my gmail with an email set up for each pattern (with the pattern already attached). When I get an order in my other shop, I just go into that folder and forward the appropriate email(s). I can do it from the iphone, ipad, any computer...very handy!
Sonya DeHart from SonyaDeHartDesign says
As Diane mentioned will send the files automatically. I have it set up on all 3 of my shops. I don't have to send a single file. All files are sent instantly after purchase. It's flawless, I've used it for over a month now and haven't had a single issue.

I'm curious ..sometimes people ask for the file to be sent to a different address or they have two different addresses associated with their paypal and Etsy accounts. Does it send them to both or does that work?
The files are sent to the address listed on their Etsy account. I have a special note in my after sale message to buyers that addresses the alternate email issue:

"Thank you so much for your purchase! All products marked INSTANT DOWNLOAD are delivered via email to the email address listed on your Etsy account via immediately after payment. If you put an alternate address in notes to seller you will instead need to check the email address listed on your Etsy account"

So far everyone understands, and I haven't gotten any complaints or requests to instead resend to the address specified in the notes.
Thanks for taking the time to explain, Sonya, I appreciate that.
No problem sweetie. Happy to answer any questions I can about the service. It's made my life so much easier and I can't sing enough praises about craft hub.

This business is tough and I do my best to support and advise other digital sellers any way I can. As it stands right now this is my go to application and I hope you all sign up for it. It's simply amazing.

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