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Why are jewelry and other items showing up under coasters?

I am a new seller and am confused how sellers can put something that is definitely NOT a coaster under that category? It gives them alot better advantage for them selling their jewelry in there versus getting lost in the zillions of other jewelry but doesn't seem fair to us selling coasters! Mine were almost to the last page and I just started the other day.

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What search terms did you use to see that there were coasters in the search?
Fused Glass Coasters
Fused glass is probably what brought up the jewelry listings! When you search for something, it isn't by category - it's by search words.
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:28 pm Sep 16, 2012 EDT
I looked at that search and only saw coasters in the first five pages. Maybe someone's search ads came up on the fused glass keyphrase?
I only see coasters in a search like that. Are you looking at the top row which is search ads? The search ads are usually unrelated to the type of item you are searching so anything could pop up in that top row.
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:31 pm Sep 16, 2012 EDT
Karla, you should add the exact phrase Fused Glass Coasters to your title and tags if you want to show up well in that search. The words Fused Glass are not even in the title for your coasters at all :-)
I entered your keywords Karla, and didn't see any jewelry on the first page, nor in the ads at the top.

If you look at the Categories breakdown on the left side of the page, you'll see only 6 Jewelry items out of 856. There's even 2 that are under Pets. Not so many that you'll get lost in the shuffle.

However, now that I looked at your shop, I only see one item that is a coaster set. AND, the keywords "fused glass" is not in your title. You might want to add those two words to your title.
LOL - Good advise Sandy. I was just merrily typing away as you came succinctly to the point - much quicker. :o)
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:43 pm Sep 16, 2012 EDT
That happens to me all the time, Terre, especially when I'm on my phone!

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