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A Closer Look Into Marketplace Integrity

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worksofwhimsy says
Are About pages part of the vetting process now?


Hi worksofwhimsy,

Sellers are not required to have an About page. But we do encourage sellers to share the stories behind their products with the community.
Is there anything in particular done to prevent a reseller who's shop has been removed from simply opening a new shop?
Raises hand :-) I think we only sent about 20-30 pics - had no idea others would send 100's eek!
This is a great insight into the Marketplace integrity group. With so many sellers on Etsy and relative ease of creating an account to sell here this is a daunting task I'm sure.

Thank you so much for the behind the scenes. Hopefully everyone selling handmade takes the time to work on their shop story, even if it is only a few paragraphs and some pictures of work in progress.
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:57 am Sep 17, 2012 EDT
Julian, thanks for the insight into how you do this.

It seems to me that, at some point in the process, there has to be a measure of trust given, even if it means that a reseller slips through the cracks. As Brandi, said, short of having someone from Etsy literally visit a seller's location in person and watch them make their items, there will always be an aspect of the process that relies on the honesty of the seller in question.
@Ferris, I went completely mad. I was so frantic, I dropped the paper into spaghetti sauce while I was making dinner. Then I was afraid to change the paper because I had already taken so many pictures with the old was a mess. I sent over the maximum data you can attach to an email....five times.
@Brandi - yea, I did keep sending it and then asking, 'did you get it?' several times, lol.
Me, too :) I figured they would be so sick of me, they'd have to "pass" me.

ETA, I had to send 5 emails with attachments because I maxed out the data each time :)
wow Brandi! I thought we sent a lot! But I totally understand the feeling of panic and as you only have a short time to do it all ...frantic is a great word to describe it!
Another area of the marketplace integrity I would like to see cleaned up - which is actually one of Etsy's TOUs that sometimes seems to not be enforced (even when reported) is the issue of abusive miss-tagging. For instance, I recently looked for one of my items where the title and tags specifically state what it is and describe it specifically for being what it is. Long before finding my item, however, I found the item of another seller which took precedence over mine in the relevancy search. That seller's item had nothing to do with the item she tagged it with. Instead, she used tags that suggested ways to use it or what it could possibly become, rather than describing it for being what it is. That item, although it is no where near being what the seller tagged it with, got a higher place in relevancy than other items which were described for being what they were. Does marketplace integrity have any plan to crack down on the sellers who miss-tag their listings? It's very discouraging to find items which rank higher in relevancy which have nothing to do with being as described, than those items which truly are what they are described as being.

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