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Still leave listings up while 'on vacation'?

I am planning on treating myself to a four day shop vacation to celebrate my 3,000th sale. :-)

Is there a way I can leave my listings visible yet not accept new orders for a few days?

This banner maker needs a break!


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You could put it in your shop announcement, but not everyone reads those. Congrats on being so busy!!!
you could put it in your shop annoucement but I have found very few ever read that

you could add the info to each listing but ditto on them not reading it either

How can you stand not looking?

*is admiring Linda's self control*
I'd put it at the very beginning of every listing.
yeah but at 13 pages of listings that a whole heck of alot of editing
not really, you can use craftopolis (edit express) to do them all at once.
So there is not way to leave listings up but not accept orders? I hate to shut the whole thing down. Advice?
You can use the "craftopolis" app to edit and add a note to the beginning of each listing. I also usually add a note in the shop announcement too.

I think it would be great if Etsy would allow sellers to take a certain amount of time "on vacay" without having to close the shop completely, but just notify customers of a longer wait for their items. It would make life a lot easier!
if you are part of the listing improvements team, you can just change your production time.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:15pm Sep 16, 2012 EDT
I highly suggest using craftopolis to edit each listing..let them know you'll be away for a few days so you can catch up!

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