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Info from Etsy Re: New Activity Feed Format (Reworded Version)

Hi, everyone! According to Etsy Forum rules, emails from staff should not be copied & pasted. Out of keen desire to help those of you who have requested communication from staff about this matter, I've reworded the email I received from a Support Team member. Here it is:

They appreciate hearing from members, and the sender apologized for the frustration we've experienced as a result of the Feed format change.

The sender also gave some reasons for the change: 1) Since the photos are now larger, the new format makes more use of the page, with more items on the page; 2) it's even easier for shoppers to find eye-catching items.

She also pointed out that the Feed isn't the "most thorough way" to keep track of traffic to our Shops. The best source of info for that is our Shop Stats. Also, since images in the new Feed are larger, it's even more important that Sellers have crisp, clear photos. Etsy has some articles on that.

Finally, the sender said that Etsy is striving to make the site even better, and the Support Team encourages our feedback.

I hope this revised text is of help.

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Thanks Sally. I hope so too. It doesn't represent a Bug, however, so I'll move this to Site Help. Thanks again!
Thank you, Matt! The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and I for one had pleaded repeatedly for some good communication, which we finally got. Now I've advised the majority who hate the new format to persevere in persuading Etsy staff to either restore the old Feed format or give us a choice as to whether we want the old one or the new (something needs to be done so we won't keep being stuck with that new garbage!)

Have a wonderful day!
Thank you, Sally. This is the first comment I've seen from anyone on the Etsy staff. I'm really curious whether they are reading all the frustrated, negative comments from the sellers who use that feed. The majority absolutely hate it.

Maybe the buyers can be given a different view than the sellers, maybe we can choose to opt out or be given a vote on it. Anything!!! Just how do we make it go away??? Someone needs to read all of the different comments in the various posts on this subject from all the sellers.

This is an extremely unpopular change--enough that those of us who used to spend a lot of time looking at and clicking on items in our feed from other shops are no longer using it at all. Not at all. That cannot be good! Please don't make this change permanent for the sellers. OR--take a vote and let the majority rule. If everyone loved it, I'd bite my tongue and live with it.

After building a list of favorite shops and enjoying watching the feed to see what new items are in my favorite shops or what has been found by people that I was following (sometimes to the point of spending way too much time looking at those things), I now do not look at all. From what I've read, I'm not alone--how can THAT be good for business? Part of the business on Etsy comes from other sellers. Most of the things I would buy come from discoveries made by the feed not from doing a search! I tend to see something and fall in love with it rather than go looking for something in particular.

I know I can't be alone. If we don't use the feed for that, it is useless no matter how pretty somebody at Etsy thinks that it is. As others have said, it looks like Etsy is copying Pinterest. Once upon a time, Etsy was leading--what has happened? The most disturbing thing of all has how long it has taken for anyone to communicate with us. Really not good.

Please show us that someone is paying attention and cares enough about the sellers to either let us vote on the matter or tell us we are stuck with it and to just shut up. Because personally, everytime I see it--several times every single day--I get angry!! I've accepted every change that has been made so far--some have been good (like the DC and shipping labels) while others have been silly. This one matters to me and I feel like I've lost half the joy of being part of Etsy since I used it so much. I really miss the old feed and I want it back.
I feel the exact same way Whatsontheshelf. I was surprised to find that I also have lost the joy.
I've never had the new format. I'm hoping that means it's still a test and may go back to the old format for everyone.
I use activity feed to see what gems my circle finds. I'm circumspect in my circle, since I don't want to see 1000 people's stuff every day. I enjoy the feed I have. I actually enjoy looking at the entirety of my feeds each day.

As far as my own shop's action -- following that in shop stats is cumbersome -- there are extra clicks to see who did what -- the favorites just show, initially, as happening. On activity feed, links to click are immediately available. -- so I would disagree with the Admin's opinion that
" the Feed isn't the "most thorough way" to keep track of traffic to our Shops. The best source of info for that is our Shop Stats." is just not understanding how sellers use Activity Feed.

And "make sure you have good photos" -- yes, we know that. and yes, we do that. and, yes, everyone I see in my Feed has good pics. The rare exception is "some ofher favorites" -- But those I follow have great taste in who they follow, so even that is rare.

The current gallery pics work just fine -- of perhaps the comment is in regard to the new trend of tiny product images surrounds by an immensity of white space? Don't push that style. Again, I only see that in my feed in a few Treasuries -- and I ignore those as it is!

I actually enjoy looking at the entirety of my feeds each day.
I'll not look at them if the pictures get huge and scroll slowly. Not everyone does their work on an iphone with lightning scrolling. 1000's of sellers have older equipment that, up until the pinterest nonsense, seemed to work just fine for viewing on Etsy!!!

Or perhaps Etsy feels we should spend our Etsy profits on computers and hardware instead of feeding our children and paying our mortgages?
I would give anything NOT to have the new format. I have another shop which does not have it and I hope it stays that way. I swear the information on the activity feed your shop portion has a very long lag time. I used to look at the activity feed all the time - not so anymore. Hate it!!!!!!!!!!!
Interesting. I don't have the new format either but I would surely hate to lose the "new items from your favorite shops" feature!
I wonder if that's why business has slowed down for so many shops because an awful lot of us shop owners purchase because of that feature and the exposure it gives us all....yikes.
I've just stopped looking at the activity feed. Will it just stop if the number gets to a certain point?

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