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Is it just me?

Is it just my imagination or do the same stores make front page several times a week? I am new, so I am not quite sure how or why this seems to be trend. But just from observing, it is seemingly like winning a lottery to get a front page feature, so when I see the same stores make it over and over, I start to wondering if their is a trick to it, or something I may be doing wrong.

Obviously, ever item that makes it to the front page is awesome, but with literally hundreds of thousands of stores on Etsy, I am just curious as to how to win the Etsy lottery like a select few seem to do time and time again.

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Hey there,

While we love to spread the love, there are certain things our Merch team looks for when selecting treasuries on the Front Page. The importance of great, crisp photos that do your products justice can't be underestimated. Also, keep an eye on seasonal trends (while being true to your style of course!). Best of luck to you all!


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You're not the first to notice this phenomenon! :-)

The front page items are selected from the Treasury. If people notice a particular seller on the front page and are drawn to their work, they might be more likely to feature them in a treasury of their own. If someone is featured in a lot of treasuries, they're more likely to appear on the front page,... and so on. (It's a little more complicated than that, because there are treasury teams that are encouraged to feature other sellers on the team, but it's the beginnings of an explanation!)

More info about the Treasury, in case you're not familiar with it yet:
well... they do.

but. i think that it is more that etsy has an image that they like. and some treasury makers know how to make that image like they like. and some shops photograph like etsy likes. and they are all on treasury teams or something.

but sometimes other shops sneak in there. i was in there tonight. i rarely even get featured in treasuries so i was surprised. kinda. except when i saw the treasury after she made it, i said to myself. this is totally a front page treasury.

but i woouldnt worry about it. it is not targeted marketing. it can lead to a sale or two, althoughthe 4 times i have been featured in 2 years, i have made a total of $9.50

there are much more effective ways to get seen than an hour on the front page.
Etsy has a 'style' that they like to showcase and many of the treasury teams seem to do nothing but curate treasuries that fit the Etsy 'style'.

So if you want to be included on the FP, be sure that your style matches what Etsy is generally looking for and the treasury curators will find you. Or better yet, you can join a treasury team as well.

I've been lucky enough to have had a treasury of mine reach the FP but only because it was a specifically themed one and fit the theme of the day.
I'm lucky that one of my items was on the FP yesterday, and has been in 17 treasuries since I listed it at the beginning of August. It just happens to be the right colour for Fall/Autumn treasuries. It may have had lots of views and hearts, but it hasn't sold!
I think throughout my time on Etsy, I have only been on FP 2 - 3 times. I guess I don't have that secret formula that those on often got on FP have. Perhaps probably because I don't have the style that Etsy FP usually is in.

: \
I've never been on the front page, nor do I ever expect to be. It would be cool, but I don't think it equates to as many sales as some believe. That, and I don't go crazy white with my backgrounds, either.

The front pages sure are nice to look at, though.
I noticed one shop recently that was in two in a row.
I have noticed this one shop that has been on three times it drives me nuts as you know it is just not a random thing for some reason they pick certain stores and think nobody notices
They don't pick "certain stores". They pick treasuries.
If you make treasuries or join treasury teams, there is a better chance of making the front page. It just so happens that a good amount of the amazing treasury makers tend to use shops they KNOW have good enough photos to be there. (and some of those treasury makers make about 20 of them a day!)

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