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HELP! Supplies showing up in wrong Category!

I was just browsing and searching in the "Handmade" category in "Jewelry" using the search term "vintage peridot rhinestones" (it reverted to Vintage on the left but I changed it back to "handmade") and I came across a bunch of my listings showing up in "Handmade" in "jewelry" when I actually have them listed under "Supplies". I don't have "handmade" in my listings either.

What is going on? Who is going to want to purchase my items, make finished jewelry, list it, and then have my listings (their supplier) show up
next to their finished jewelry????!

Gee, could this be why my shop has flat-lined? :(

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Is the search pulling up "all items" have to select supplies if you're only looking for supplies
I'd contact admin or post in bugs if you're having an issue otherwise :) Hope things get straightened out for you
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:06am Sep 20, 2012 EDT
Do you have an example of a listing that's showing up in that manner?

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Inactive Etsy Member 3:18am Sep 20, 2012 EDT
If I search for 'peridot rhinestones' in handmade
I see these showing up

and I see the same item when I select the supplies category

I think they are showing up this way because when they were listed you selected the 'I made this item' (handmade) then supplies.

Its been reported often that handmade supplies are showing up in both the handmade category and in the supply category.

But I'm not sure why they are tagged as commercial as well as handmade. They are showing up there as well!
I noticed when I was using my usual search terms to search in 'vintage', it kept reverting to 'handmade'. Very annoying and could hurt vintage sales, particularly if new shoppers, browsing in the same way, don't realize the category has changed on it's own. :o/
What can I do to get them removed from that category?
Edit your item and answer the first questions appropriately, then they will appear in the proper category.
If you don't want them to appear in the Handmade categories, choose "another company or person" as the answer to the question "Who made it?" (If you did make it, though, it has the right to be there -- it will also appear in the Supplies category as long as you answer "a supply or tool to make things" to the "What is it?" question in the listing process.)
O.k., now I'm really confused. The first three questions could go either way. Yes, I made and put together the finished piece but obviously the actual stone was made by someone else so it actually applies to both of those choices. Which one do I choose? Also, the second question can go both ways too.

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