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Taking forever to get views on new listings...

Seems like over the past few months it is taking forever to see that my new listings are getting viewed. Used to be that w/in an hour or two of putting something up in my shop, I would start seeing them.

I am starting to worry that my titles are no good or maybe my tags? Any one have suggestions, or is this just something that we are all facing anymore?

It has always taken a few months for a new theme to get popular but my views are usually steady!!! Thanks for any input!

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I find if I tweet a new listing it gets a lot more views
This has been the norm for awhile unless you promote.
....every time I log into Etsy, I get a different Browse/Category layout. It may have something to do with the 'testing' that is still going on behind the scenes.

Also, listings sometimes get 'bogged down' a little when there is heavy listing/renewing going on.

Etsy is's getting much bigger. Allow a little more time for buyers to find your items through the 15.8 million items currently listed!
I am not sure twitter will work for me, I dont have anyone following me. Guessing that would make a difference. I pintrest, facebook though.

If anyone has looked in my shop and seen my titles, let me know if I am on the right track! Otherwise I will just keep tweeking and waiting ( :
Not to worry, only takes one view to make a sale.

Your tags should be 2-3 word phrases that your buyer uses to search for your items, then repeat those phrases in your Titles.

Search SEO here in the Forums and you will get more info.
Agree with Angela - your tags and titles need work so they can work better for you.

For a party invitation, tags such as girls, boys, summer, sea, marine are vague and don't describe what the item is at all. Better tags would be, for example: party invitation, birthday invitation, ocean party theme, hand stamped invitation, personalized invitation, (etc etc). You can add more to your titles as well so people searching for your items can find you.

Thanks Mandy! I needed someone to just tell me! I had a feeling my tags were weak, but for a long time had no problem with sales. Things have just really slowed down this past summer and making me work harder ( : I will go through my tags. Although, isn't there a character limit with tags? It always seems if it is too long, that it tells me to shorten?

Angela, will search SEO. THis has always intimidated me a bit, but I really should study up on it!
I just did a search with no terms and found that there are presently 15.8 MILLION items for sale on Etsy. It's not surprising that it takes a while to get a view on any particular one.

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