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For those who are seeing a shipping dropdown...

Need your help.

In my shop,

1. does the default country show up as your own country?
2. If it doesn't, what happens when you try and add my item to your cart? (without changing the country to your own)

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Jana, I just checked your shop because I was reading the other thread you were posting in. I have the drop down menu today. The default country, for me, shows up as the last country I clicked. I was looking at someone else's shop before yours who was worrying about the same thing and I clicked a bunch of different countries ending with Germany. When I put something in my cart from your shop, the default was Germany. I am in the US. But, all of the countries showed up in your shop with their respective shipping prices. I was able to click on all countries. I'm not sure what that other person was talking about when she said you have to click save. I didn't have a save option there.
OK, Kristen, so if it is set at Germany, what happens when you try and add to cart without changing it to the US? It just uses Germany's shipping price?

What happens if you go one step further? Does it ask for your address? Because your input address wouldn't match up with germany.
It went into my cart with no problems.

edited to add: I just tried something else from your shop. When I added it to my cart, the default country was Canada which was the last country I checked the last time I was in your shop.
I'm in the U.S. Jana, and it let me put the item in my cart, and showed the U.S. as my default country. I hope that helps!
it defaulted to the United States for me.
Jana - I checked the Boho plus size tunic. The listing shows the Canadian price with U.S. conversion below it. When I put it in my cart, U.S. was the default location in the drop-down. I'm in the U.S.
That is correct Kristin, the 'default' for a buyer, for some time, will remain the last country they selected in drop down for all shops visited. You will, at some time, I still make tests to understand how, revert to what is Etsy 'guess' for default country versus 'last country selected'

Jana, since you have EveryWhereElse in your 'old style' then any country selected in drop down will have that shipping price defined for EveryWhereElse,

The Etsy 'guess' is correct in some number of instances but what has not been explained yet is the mechanics of make that initial 'guess'......

See first paragraph above - if you have selected a drop down country they you have a new default so validation of initial setting is not possible.
The default is supposed to be set at your own country, but I guess it is not in some cases. I'm curious about what happens if it chooses the wrong country, you add it to your cart and then go to the next screen. Will it ask for your address because your input address would not match with the country it defaulted to.
I just logged out and closed my browser and I'm still seeing Canada as my default shipping country. I added your item to my cart and proceeded to checkout with PayPal and it was still charging me the Canadian shipping price. I had to stop short of buying it so maybe in that last step it would change to US shipping price?

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