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I'm curious...

Does the fact that a shop has DC affect your standing in search?

I'm curious.... because my items, for instance... knitting patterns, don't show up until page 25 under relavancy.... and before DC I was in the first few pages.

My sales have dropped drastically... and I'm thinking it may have something to do with DC, as I have not signed up for it.

Anyone know anything about that?

I clicked on several of the listings that show up on the first page of search... and of course.. they all took DC.

Love to hear if anyone has any insight on this.

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Admin have categorically denied that this is the case in the forums on multiple occasions.
I would say not, however, that may change once the new etsy gift cards become available. But then that is just my opinion and is probably way off.
I would not think that DC has anything at all to do with searches. I just think it has been slow right now for alot of us.
I'm curious because something has definitely affected my sales, and I am trying and trying to get a handle on it.... but it remains elusive.
No. I'm Canadian and we don't have DC and my items usually appear on the first few pages of a search. It is based on tags and titles.
There would be no way to really know that...and not sure why there would be a good reason for that to be the case. (I don't even bother to see where i come up in Etsy searches since I depend more on my customers coming from the outside in to my shop rather than searching for what I make within Etsy and happening to run across me that way...but that's just me...:)
So I wonder leprintemps... why my items have pretty much disappeared from search... when they used to be in the first few pages.

I re-tweaked my tags earlier, and so I will be watching if they change in their positioning... but..... I'm not hanging on to a lot of hope.
No, I don't think so. I do not have DC and my items show up in the first few pages.
Is there a reason you haven't signed up for DC? It's slick, I like it.

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