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Wish I could pay someone to fix my titles & tags!

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I compiled a thread in my team of some good articles to read:

It WiLL become easier, once you grok it. Pinky swear.

And Cindy's right: join the SEO teams and just lurk, reading and absorbing. It'll do wonders. All you need is for someone to explain it to you in simple terms. You'll get it.
I've been around forever, and still not sure I get it.
Cindy, the CindyLouWho team really does have some good info over there and it's not all super high-techy. Go peek around for a while :-)

Also - for an exercise, maybe this idea will help. If you were going to write a sentence or two to describe one of your items, you'd probably find a lot of your tags are right there!

For example - your "Camping Glam Cupcake Toppers - Set of 12"

That's your title. I don't know how to bring the "Camping" into the description - didn't quite get that one. But the rest could go something like......

Glam It Up Cupcake Toppers, Stamping Up style, with owls and mosquitoes, bear and racoon, smores, stars and sleeping bags are all here. The colors are "pool party" including aqua, daffodil, pink, and kraft - these can be customized!

Right there, some tags come to mind: cupcake toppers, Glam It Up (though I'm not sure what that is!), Stamping Up, owls and mosquitoes, bear and racoon, smors and stars, pool party colors, aqua daffodil, pink and kraft tan, set of 12.

You see what I mean? Writing a descriptive sentence or two without a lot of added fluff helps you figure out tags, too.
Great suggestion weekendjewelry!

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