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Direct Checkout

Question please!
I've had a shop for awhile now but my sales are not good thus far.
I've increased products, & recently decreased due to fees..
At a lost..
Heard stories via Etsy blogs regarding D.C.
I would like to know if anyone things that D.C might help sales?

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Having additional payment methods is always a good thing. Not everybody can or will use Paypal.

I say yes, use it. I love it. Besides etsy is offering free payment processing this month. =)
if you're not getting many views and sales, having DC wont suddenly drive buyers to your shop.

work on promotion first!
The only "extra" sales you might get are from people who will not use paypal under any circumstances

Although people report that since activating DC in their shops most of their sales are through DC, there is no way of knowing if that person only used Dc because it is the default top choice in payment methods. Odds are, they would have been equally happy to buy with paypal if that is all you offered
having more options for payment is always a good idea. And people love direct checkout so having it would be good.

But what you really need is to flesh out your titles so that you come up in more searches. I looked at one of your listings, and it's something like cap sleeve nightie. You don''t have nightgown in the title, or pajamas. And I think those are the words that people will use to search for those items. Your titles have to have the exact phrases that you think people will search for. Your titles should be somewhat longer, and have actual phrases in them.
Since I started using DC, I've gotten more sales (I had 5 before DC, now I have 13, as well as more on my other shop) and 85% of my new sales have been paid by DC.

I don't like reading all the horror stories, but I do like the sales. I haven't had a problem so far.
if they are not viewing your items direct checkout will not help your sales. offer it if it works for you, but i would look into other factors that maybe effecting your business.

buyers do not know you offer direct checkout until they see it on the listing or when they are checking out.

i added it to give my buyers an alternate way to use their credit cards, but i do not think it has increased my sales at all.
I can't speak for your sales, but i've got 4 stores and almost all of my customers are now using DC.
I love it, and i think they like it too, as i've heard nothing negative from any of my customers regarding this.

Can I say it has increased my sales, no way of telling, but i would suggest to anyone who is offered it, to try it. I think it's a win win for both customers and you.
Thanks to all that replied, and a special thanks to Ms. Eileen for taking the time to view my Shop...
TepperWear...Love your shop... Wow & my home town,,,Grand Concourse & can not wait to move back home...

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