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Where would I find Shawls if browsing from the home page?

I would start with Clothing & Accessories, but it's not under Accessories. It's not under Outerwear. "Tops" has sweaters and cardigans, but not shawls.
I think this way of browsing has to be confusing for buyers. Accessories has a mixed glob of everything from hair ribbons to sunglasses, shoes, iPhone cases and Christmas ornaments.
I'm not trying to find my items by browsing, but I would like to know how someone browses for shawls.Am I missing something? Hopefully, they'll find the search bar. It's just so confusing.

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I rarely use the categories on Etsy's home page. I usually know what I want and type it in the search bar. So in this case, I would search for "shawl" or "blue shawl," or whatever.
I see shawl as a subcategory under accessories. Of course, I still have the original category listings, not the new ones I read so many complaining about.
They're under "Accessories", then "Shawl" (not under Clothing & Accessories)
They're also under crochet > clothing, which it looks like is where yours are. (I still have the old categories on my front page, not sure what the new ones are like.) But I agree that it's confusing and I would just use the search bar.
It's not under Accessories if you're browsing. You have to find categories, then accessories, etc.
Apparently I have the new home page and the options at the top are Clothing & Accessories and there's no option for shawl after that.
They're under art! Oh, never mind :(
Yes, it's under crochet....if you still have the categories listed.
I'm talking about the browsing option that is now on the top of the home page.

Yep, right under art :(
yeah, don't know what that browsing front page looks like.
I have the old categories, too. What if a shawl isn't crocheted?

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