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Shop Name vs. Shop Title

Hi, everyone!

I am a little confused about the shop name vs. shop title. I want to change my name from "LaylaDBoutique" to "Little LayDee Boutique" but Etsy denied my request. I really like the new name because it incorporates my daughters' names and I rec'd positive feedback from people when I suggested it on Facebook.y

Since I cannot change it I thought about leaving it the way it is listed on Etsy. LaylaD is the shop name and Little LayDee is the shop title.

My questions are:

Should I close my shop and start over?
What is the difference between the shop name and shop title?

Any help you can give to make this transition easier is appreciated.

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The shop title is the place to briefly describe what you sell. If you really want to change the shop name I would open a new shop, since you don't have a lot of sales yet it wouldn't hurt you too much. But be sure to make sure first that the name you want is available.
Hi, Torry!

Thanks for responding so quickly. Yes, I really want to change the name. I thought about closing and reopening...maybe even having a "grand re-opening sale" since I finally narrowed down a niche.

Do you know if there is an easy way to save my current shop info?
Etsy allows you to change your shop name once. Have you done it before? If not, then you should not have been denied.

However, if you wrote your new name with the spaces in it, then it is two spaces too long, and that could be why it was denied. 20 character max, and your new name is 20 characters IF you leave out the spaces.
There isn't any way to save or transfer shop info. The best you can do is open your new shop and copy and paste from your old shop.
After you open your new shop you can then C/P any info from policies or even listings. Just wait until you have everything switched over to the new shop before you close the old shop.
BJ, just so you know your shop title is best used not to repeat a shop name but rather to insert keywords that will bring shoppers to your site. Google crawls your shop title, your shop announcement, your shop sections, and your shop profile. So put keywords in these areas.
I would try the name change one more time without any spaces...that's probably why you got turned down. I have one name for my shop name but the business name has a space in between on my banner and the #2 left off! The only reason I am stuck with that darn #2 after my shop name is because at the time I joined I had a website with my business name so could not use it twice. Thus the #2 is my second shop.

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