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Etsy Shipping Calculator

I appreciate all the small (and large) changes Etsy is making, however I haven't heard anything about a shipping calculator which is something very basic and very important that Etsy needs.

I consistently lose money shipping to the same parts of the country because shipping out there happens to be ridiculously expensive. Since it is so expensive ($3-$4+ more than my listed shipping), I do not use those zip codes as the basis for all my shipping costs. I don't want buyers to be put off by the absolute "worst case" shipping scenario (even though I try to make it very clear that I refund any shipping overage in excess of $1).

However, I'm tired of losing money in those situations when this wouldn't even be an issue if Etsy had a shipping calculator.

Etsy, when are you going to implement a shipping calculator?

Why can we print shipping labels from Etsy, but we can't even be properly paid for shipping costs?

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Have you read all the other threads asking this question?
If so, you will know that an integrated shipping calculator would be very complex programming and so is very unlikely to happen any time soon
There are a lot of things that Etsy's doing that is complex, and considering that shipping calculators already exist on other sites it's not like they have to reinvent the wheel.
A shipping calculator has been asked for for as long as I have been here.
You should not be losing money on shipping. I put in actual shipping costs &, occasionally, for a mailer in my sewing supply shop. I, also, refund overage of 50 cents & up. I think internet shoppers are savvy about shipping costs. It's QVC, HSN & ALL the catalogs that charge really high shipping because they pay people to do it.
Because of the weight and size of my items, I ship mostly via Parcel Post, which is a lot more variable than First Class depending on weight and destination zip code.
Show me a site that has a shipping calculator that every seller in whichever country worldwide can use and i will accept it is something that Etsy should be doing

But what would be easier to implement would be the ability to list more than one rate per country -- which could be used for either different zones or different postal services
Seeing as US based shipping calculators already exist, Etsy could start there.
Unlike other international sites, like Amazon, all shops and buyers on Etsy are integrated into one online venue. Amazon and eBay have their international sites separated. That is why is would be so difficult to create.

In order to offer a shipping calculator, Etsy would have to integrate with every postal service in the world.

Don't see it happening any time soon.

ETA: If Etsy integrated just the US, it would be one more reason for international sellers to feel disgruntled. They are already shut out of Direct Checkout and Gift Cards. Sorry, I'd prefer not to make them feel any less welcomed than they already do.
Emily Mothra Sue and Co. from mothrasue says
Seeing as US based shipping calculators already exist, Etsy could start there.


UK based calculators already exist too -- so maybe they should start there?

Its not the individual calculators that are the problem --its integrating a couple of hundred of them into Etsy thats difficult

(thanks Brad & Maggie)
Has admin ever actually addressed this? That's really why I posted, for an answer from Etsy.

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