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newbie here! How do I change my " Profile Picture"?

I did not have the correct pixels and it looks bad; I want to redo it but can not find an " EDIT " button for this ! Help Please! Much Thanks

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click at the top, where it says hi jojo
on the right click edit profile
I will now try this. God I feel so stupid already! I love to sell stuff but not to set up an account!
Jenni from LoveStart1- clicked on and after hitting EDIT profile; my profile shows up but there is no button that will allow me to CHANGE the profile picture!
it should be right at the top of the edit profile page. you will see your current picture and also a button next to it that says choose file. mine is grayed out. since i am on my ipad i can't upload photos.
Jenni- It would only allow me to choose a file for the box on the far right. As you can see by this little logo to the left of this post is the one that is in an incorrect pixel and that is the box to the left and There is no way to edit this one! Oy!!!
finally with JENNI'S HELP THE LOGO IS ON!!
now for the rest of it!
Thanks Jenni for your patience and effort!
You are lucky, I can't even get my picture on.
The save changes button is all grayed out.
I have re-sized my pic and still no dice, I'm so frustraded
This is not an easy site to work with
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:16pm Dec 15, 2012 EST
Lourdes - Here's the help page for adding a profile picture. If you still can't, go to help and search profile picture for a video tutorial. If it still isn't working, contact admin for help.

How do I add or change my profile picture?

To add a profile photo to your Etsy account:

1. Sign in to your Etsy account.
2. Go to Your Account > Public Profile.
3. Click the Browse or Choose file button to locate the image file on your computer.
4. Choose the image to use.

5. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.

Make sure the image is 75 x 75 pixels in size. If it's larger, make sure your original image is a square, otherwise the image will be distorted.

Thanks Mary Beth, but unfortunally I've tried all that.
The save changes button on the page is grayed out.
I have contacted etsy, i'm now waiting for response, I just thought you helpful people would be faster

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