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A Case was open against my account but it has since been resolved and I have received a WARNING?!

I have a case where I had an item that was delayed shipping.
I sent it out late after sending it out properly due to mail error and resent it back to the original buyer.

They filed a complaint against me on October 30th, 2012 saying that they wanted to receive the item by the next day or a full refund.

On November 1st, the buyer CONTACTED me CONFIRMING the item had come a day after filing the case and received it on October 31st 2012, therefore, NO REFUND.

I have CONTINUOUSLY and repetitively contacted the buyer since the case was filed, and even before then EXPLAINING why the shipment may be delayed.

The buyer has NOT been in contact with me since November 1st, and has just gave me feedback and left.

Because they did not ask for a tracking number, there is NO NUMBER I can provide to Etsy to confirm to them that they have received the item. In my policies, it states that if you would like tracking, then I will provide that for you, but this seller did NOT ask for a tracking number.

My local post office has told me they CANNOT give me a tracking number as it has already been shipped. I have NUMEROUSLY tried to get a tracking number.

Because I do not have the tracking number, I have to have the buyer close the case, though they have neglected me over and over to further any conversation to close their account against me.

I have, since October 30th, been putting ALL of my messages to the seller in the comments section of the case page, including details. I still continuously do this.

I contacted Etsy Help on November 3rd, and they have yet to contact me back.

I provided them the case number and the transaction number, and nothing has been resolved.

I have logged in every day, and today it seems that they (Etsy) has given me a strike.

I DO NOT want to have my shop closed because I have kept contact and done the right thing for as much as I know. I want someone to look at this case and PLEASE close it, I do not see any issues other than a negative rating from the buyer.

Will/Can SOMEONE help me?!

Thank you!

-M. Anne St. James (MiscellAnneous)

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So sorry you're dealing with his :( Hopefully Admin will see and respond to resolve this. It doesn't seem right that sellers should have to rely on a buyer taking the steps to close a case when the situation has been resolved.
did you print it via paypal? there is still a tracking number on the original transaction.. maybe that can help.

Your buyer is supposedly the one to have to close it. But they obviously are done with the transaction and are moving on. If you explain in the dialog box, customer has product, no refund needed. shes happy, fb given. its done,. please remove.
and just keep sending it.

I d also contact trust at etsy. Be succinct and put your case number in the memo box.

just say you need to close a resolved case, there never was a tracking number, and its already been delivered as they can see by the feedback ( put a link in the convo)

I think their eyes glaze over with too much info, cus I know they must be getting tons of these. My case had about 5 emails, mainly cus I had a customer that liked to email a bunch.. I had a stuck lost package somewhere and tracking was there.. but they wanted a paid receipt. to show I shipped it.

duh .. if tracking showed it was in transit, I obviously shipped and paid for it. but it took a bit to get them to see it. eventually ( 10 days) it closed all by itself.
A case was filed against me due to they had not yet received it yet. I sent a message to them stating I would either refund or resend. I never heard back from them. Etsy closed the case. So I wouldn't worry about it. As long as you have clicked the link asking for the case to be closed, you should be fine.
they dont close you as long as you are replying, cooperating.
If they buyer contacted you saying they received the item, send that to Etsy to prove they got itl
I don't believe it is right, and I do not want to lose my shop because of this.
I shouldn't have to have this be an issue because my buyer is deciding not to further contact with me even after I have offered accommodations to them and to further contact for assurance of the item bought and to consider closing the case themselves. I have in no way been unprofessional to them through contact.
I have sent very detailed messages to the buyer as well as Etsy Help where I had explained everything and gave them numbers.

I really hope someone sees this because I don't want to get to a 3rd strike!

Thank you for understanding, Janine!

Where is the link that the case be closed, Lori? Is it possible I can close the case myself?

I will take your advice, Lori! I'll post the original message from the buyer onto my comments.

Anne, I know its scary to see the "you may be closed".. its easy to slide into emotional stuff especially if we feel someone is being unreasonable. But I find it is easier on the heart if one can try to take the Mr Spock approach.

Logically, you do X Y Z to follow the instructions.
the feedback/interaction is already done, no matter if we think its right or wrongly given. Of course most sellers try to be great. Sometimes we cant please a customer or we drop the ball or a customer has something going on on their end.. You can try a KAMU later with her ( switch your feedback with hers to be positive.. but thats later and not really worth the hassle sometimes when someone is still ticked off. Give it sometime.

In the meantime, re read what was sent, whats been written here. Lots of sellers have dealt with this lil button issue ( some have had cases opened by accident, some not) but unless a seller is outrageously misrepresenting their stuff, lying to customers, stealing money etc, etsy is pretty fast at closing up this issue on your banner.. btw, no one sees it but you.

It doesnt matter if its fair, it just "is" so now what can you do constructively to move forward? I dont mean that harshly, I just mean that you can drive yourself in to tears and give worse service to your current customers. Oh, and try hard to not complain about a buyer to another buyer.. its human nature to want to vent.. find a friend on line to privately convo cus we aretn supposed to discuss transactions in here.

good luck

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