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What does "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" on USPS?


I ordered a package from Turkey and the latest event is, "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment." What does that mean?

See tracking info here:
Tracking #: RR110849749TR


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Hi Billy,

Origin postal service is preparing a shipment container for dispatch and creating a shipping manifest of packages in that container, which is headed to USA.

Foreign postal services consolidate packages destined to a country into containers and create a shipping manifest, including tracking information (if available and applicable), of each individual package in that consolidated shipping container.

When the consolidated shipping container is packed and sealed it is dispatched for shipment. When the container is scanned at point of lading, the status of all of the packages on that manifest will update.

I am hope it makes sense and is answer you are looking for.
Wow, this is the best answer I have ever read regarding this. Well done :)
Impressive and clear response, kidichimama!
That sounds good - however it can be a little odd at times - "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" can also happen AFTER a package has reached a destination country!

I send from New Zealand to USA and most times USPS will have that very same message AFTER the package has passed through US Customs.

It is very disconcerting to say the least.
Oops, sorry, caught with a Zombie thread :(
Wow, that's good to know, kidichimama. Thanks for the explanation!
Ah, I see! Thank you for explaining. So, God knows how long it will take for this container to be filled. So, I'm guessing my package is still in Turkey. Now, it just has to go through customs and it has to be delivered to me. Thank you!
For International packages this will stay till it will be accepted by USPS, it can be in US customs, there won't be any transit point information. And as there is weather issues in USA package probably will delay :(. Usually packages go out from EU country in 2-4 days.
Your parcel is not in Turkey. " Origin post is .... " means that your parcel has arrived in your country but it is hold at custom.
Process is something like following:

<foreign sender> Accepted from sender
<foreign sort> Consolidated for local delivery
<foreign inspection> Arrival at international place of exchange
<shipping container processed> Consolidated for export (Export)
<USA customs> Isc <USA entry point>(usps)Left international place of exchange
<your region's sort facility> Sorting
<your city> Arrival at delivery point
<your home> Delivered

Function names above may be different based on tracking site used but flow is generally same.

Your package was sent registered, delivery signature required. EMS site (see below) shows still in Turkey consolidation (Insert item into bag) and has been for some days.

When the package tracking shows something like ISC, that means it is in USA and USPS will continue processing. NOTE: It will take several days for ISC (clearance) to change state to show package is continuing journey. The message can be confusing because it may say something like ' of exchange....' - that just means it was offloaded at the ISC and is now going to customs inspection (which is where it may take some additional time to be processed)

From EMS site:

NO TARIH (Date) EVENT YAPILAN ISLEM ISLEM YERI (Process Place) OFIS (Event office)
01/11/12 15:14 2012-11-01 15:14:32 Receive item from customer (Otb) Gonderi musteriden alinmistir TÜRKIYE

01/11/12 15:14 2012-11-01 15:14:32 Send item to domestic location (Otb) Yurticinde sevk edildi TÜRKIYE

03/11/12 07:27 2012-11-03 07:27:58 Insert item into bag (Otb) Gonderi yurt disina sevk edildi (Giden) TÜRKIYE

I hope the recent bombing won't delay the customs inspection process :(. I ordered something 10 days ago, and the merchant said it would arrive in '10-14 days'.

for the past 7 days, it's been stuck at "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment'. I wonder how much longer it would take for me to actually receive the item? I absolutely need it by the end of April.
If it's international package there might be delay due to weather issue in US (if you are in US). This sentence will stay till it will be accepted by USPS, even if it's already in US.
I have noticed that sometimes it says the 'origin post is preparing' all the way up to the point when it hits customs and is delivered (in essence, it just doesn't update until it gets here)

sort of like when domestic packages say 'electronic shipping information received' and never get scanned again until they are delivered :P
I just posted above, Beesocks. I send from New Zealand to USA and most times USPS will have that very same message AFTER the info that says the package has passed through US Customs.
I've seen that happen too, beesocks.
It doesn't mean the item hasn't moved.
great, thanks so much! I was worried it had been sitting around for 7 days, waiting for the shipment container to fill up lol. hopefully it will arrive in time!
yea, i have the same issue.. from turkey... and it has been stuck at "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" for over a month.. its now getting frustrating...
Did your package ever arrive? I'm having the same issue, I hope it's not lost. That would really suck. :/

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