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posting pictures on teams?

I'm wondering how you post pictures of your items in discussion topics. I see that people can do it, but I can not figure it out..
Any feedback would help

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copy and paste the URL


without asterisks on either end:
Thanks!! I will try it, I knew it was something easy
Angela, I'm confused. My images for forums are stored in a Photobucket account. Do I have to upload to an album in Etsy before I can transfer them to a thread here? If so, how?
Thanks. I'll likely be attempting this from the team (?)

While we are on the Forums topic, how can I set up to get email notification of replies to my threads?
MHCM to answer your questions: you can post a link to a photobucket pic but it will be a link only. Only the links to a listing in an Etsy shop will show the picture in a thread.
Although you cannot get notifications when someone replies to your thread you can easily check by clicking on the' your threads' link to the left.
MHCM, I don't know the answer to your first question, But I believe getting email notifications about thread replies is not possible.
What Sally said. If you post a link to a photobucket photo, it will show up as a live link they can click on, like so:

Where as if you post a link to an actual Etsy listing, it will show up as an actual photo like so (one taken from Sally's shop above):

You can post a link though to any thread. It just won't show up as a photo, they will have to click it to see what it is.
It is very simple to do it; however, keep in mind that we cannot post our shops and shop items in the forum threads for the purpose of self-promoting. I believe there are teams for promoting where we can legally do it, but not this particular one.
Thanks all - and no worries Wanda, as my question is about dating a museum artifact, I'm not a seller. I've no real use for a Shop, so I think I'll just post the live links. (That way they may even post right side up, I read that there is an issue of images ending up sideways right now. LOL)
MHCM--sideways images are an issue with either the device you take them with or the photo editing software on your computer. If you google it you might find help with fixing that. :)

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