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Feature Items column. How to get there??

How do we get the products up on the homepage? is there a any protocol required? Super Curious... any one can help?

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I think one of the etsy guys suggested to make awesome items, if they like it enough they'll feature it :)
That's the only way. Just keep making what you love and strive to do it the best you can.

(I hope that isn't too badly misquoted!)
Be very cool ;-)

I thought that was kinda neat when I read about it (they're all picked at random).. In a world where Money Talks its just pretty cool...
ohh what would be considered as awesome then? Quite subjective right. Ok will continue to strive then. Hopefully to be discovered. Feel as though i am going for the American Idol. Please discover me pleassse. Ha ha
there are a couple of different threads about it if you're still curious. try searching "feature items" or similar.
My penis cozy has had like 450 hits in less than a day but I dont think theyll feature it because...well you know.
because their penises are already cozy?
Davidsdoll, dont worry! there's been a dildo cozy that was featured before.
Really..... the name has such great effect but did it boast sales, or your other items daviddoll? Superly curious and now must think of funkie names then ;>
*lol* Davidsdoll, your penis cozy got more hits in a day than the photo of mine they featured! I think it speaks for itself ;)
There must be a lot of chilly guys out there! :0

Also getting featured doesn't automatically sell your item... though it's fun to have gawpers :D (Is that a word?)

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