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storenvy vs etsy

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Inactive Etsy Member 11:15pm Feb 28, 2013 EST
can someone i need major advice...
ive had an etsy store and its going well but the fees are insane i stumbled upon storenvy and its great no fees...but im wondering if they have direct check out...or just paypal...does anyone have shops in both? is it worth it to cross over? or have both?
thanks gigi

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I can't answer your question sorry, but Why not just figure in etsy's fees into your prices? T he FVF on 5.00 is .18 plus .20 equaling .38. So just add .50 more or what ever you need to . If people want your items they'll pay a little more.
Fees on Etsy are pretty low. The listing and transaction fees are far lower than I think you'd find on any large successful ecommerce website. The direct checkout fee is lower than what PayPal charges. But I guess since you sell small items, the $.20 listing and $.25 direct checkout fee are high, percentage wise. I'd say just raise the price of your items by $.50 to cover it. Your earrings are so cute and unique, I can't imagine anyone not wanting them because of an extra $.50.

And awesome for you for having so many sales so fast! Do you do a lot of promotion?
i must disagree with you about the etsy fees. I find them quite reasonable - i spend about as much per month on Etsy as i would for one weekend at a decent craftshow.
I've never heard of storenvy, in my experience, there are lots of other (cheaper) sites you can sell your goods on, but you get what you pay for - if they are unheard of then you cannot expect to get the traffic there that you get here.
Just my two cents - good luck!
Agreed- the Etsy fees are not outrageous, and they are the cost doing business-- they're meant to be worked into your prices.
Well it is definately not all hand made, and I have trouble seeing any kind of a feedback rating or anything on any seller. But, I found a new sweater that will be arriving shortly, so there's a win I suppose. :P
I am finding more and more people are familiar with etsy...I find the fees quite reasonable. As for storenvy...hmmm... never heard of it , but will take a look. Go with what you feel works best for you.
I think Etsy's fees are great- for the price I pay here per month I not only get a shop that looks clean and fresh, but I get a load of traffic I don't have to lift a finger to attract and to be part of a fantastic and very supportive community. Less work than a bricks and mortar, market stall or stand alone website. Yes there are other places to sell, but their traffic is what you really need to look at- no point being free if no one's there to see it!
You opened your shop 1/26/13 and have 134 sales. It may be that your prices are too low. Raising them a couple dollars is going to help off set the Etsy Fees. Just so you know, there are not many shop owners who open their shop and in one month time have 134 sales. Your items are cute, affordable and I feel your shipping is fair as well. Where are you going to find a nice pair of earrings for under $10.00, shipping included? Raise your prices and see if this makes a difference.

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Inactive Etsy Member 12:14am Mar 1, 2013 EST
Yeah thanks guys!!!! You are right!!! I'll just add .50 cents more.

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