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Outstanding Balance vs Statement Balance

Hi All~

Can you tell me what the difference is between my Outstanding Balance and the Statement Balance?

I pay my bill every first of the month and am confused why these two are different numbers.

Kind thanks in advance!

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I've tried and tried to get an answer to another of my shops, the balance always paid in full but still have outstanding balance. I hope you get an answer.
Statement Balance is what is owed as calculated thru Feb 28 and due by Mar 15.

Outstanding Balance is what is owed thru Feb 28 (if you haven't paid it) and any fees incurred after the cut-off date.

ETA - If you've paid February statement already, that balance will show Zero, but you could have an amount in Outstanding Balance if you've listed new items (renewed, etc), printed a shipping label, sold an item, etc. Hope that made sense.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:17 am Mar 15, 2013 EDT
I am sorry I am still confused :( I paid my bill and I still have an outstanding balance of $100, then when I go to print a shipping label it tells me I have to make a payment??? I am so confused.
I have had similar problems, too, especially for the last two months of 2012. I paid in more than what was owed, it said so right there on the billing page, and still it wanted more money to print labels and also said I owed additional fees for payment due Dec. 1. I never could get a straight answer when I tried to contact etsy about it yet it's there in black and white, amount owed (less than), amount paid or received.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:35 am Mar 15, 2013 EDT
It is so frustrating, the fees are killing me :(
That's why I don't want to go with them...if you can't call someone in a timely manner to resolve the issues , it sent worth it to me. Do you think they are trying to dodge things by not have anyone to help us like other companies?
I'll try to explain what I understand about it.

Your "Statement Balance" is the amount from LAST MONTH
that is due between the first of the next month and the 15th.

Your "Outstanding Balance" is the TOTAL of the last month's bill and whatever activity you've done this month (sales, renewals, new listings, etc.)

If you only pay your "Statement Balance," you've only paid what's due from LAST MONTH.

The "Outstanding Balance" is a total of ALL you owe, up to the current date, that hasn't been paid.

Hope this helps!
Here's an example from my own bill.

I've already paid that "due by March 15," so I have big
ZEROES in the "Statement Balance" area.

BUT, in the fine print, I have 23.51, "Outstanding Balance," because I've had sales, renewals, and new listing fees already
in this month (March). This will be due by April 15.

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Inactive Etsy Member 3:51 am Mar 15, 2013 EDT
Thanks Anita, I think I understand now :)

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