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Item has not arrived, PayPal won't let me file claim, Etsy won't escalate

Hi everyone,

I purchased an item from a newbie seller on Feb. 22 and paid via PayPal on Feb. 22.

On Mar. 7, I received an automated e-mail from PayPal notifying me that the seller had not yet shipped and but not to worry, the item would be on it's way now.

On Mar. 7, after receiving that e-mail, I opened an Item Not Received case on Etsy. I also convo'd the seller who, coincidentally, claimed she had mailed my package that day (Mar. 7.)

Yesterday, on Mar. 12, since the item still had not arrived, I convo'd the seller and asked for tracking. Her response was, "Omg you are kidding ? Let me look atnthenstudio tomorrow I will make this up to u I promise." (sic)

Which immediately told me she hadn't mailed it, since she couldn't provide tracking and needed to "look" in her studio (??)

I then tried to file a dispute on PayPal, however the money is showing as "Unclaimed," and PayPal is not letting me file a dispute. PayPal is giving me an error message that states: "This transaction cannot be disputed at this time. This is usually because the transaction has not yet been completed. If this is a completed transaction, please double check that the Transaction ID you selected refers to a payment that you sent."

Because PayPal is preventing me from filing a claim to get my money back (my card was charged back on Feb. 22 of course), I then asked the seller to cancel my order and please refund my money directly. The seller is claiming she can't refund me because I have a case open on Etsy.

So now what?? I've paid for an item I haven't received, PayPal is not letting me file a dispute, and the only option through Etsy is to close the case but not do anything else!! Help!

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Did you try to call PayPal?
was the seller in another country? The only time i have had to claim the funds was when I got payment in AU dollars. ( on another site).

I really hope you get your money back or the item.
Yep. You should give them a call.
We are about to start a similar case with a shipment we did ultimately receive, 5 days late. Our issue is that the shop misrepresented itself.

Good luck to you!
First thing, you should always contact the seller before opening a case. Opening a case is basically for unresponsive sellers and is a last resort. Always give them a chance to respond. Just because she cant provide tracking does not mean she hasn’t sent it. She could of sent it first class, or she might need time to go find the receipt with the tracking number. Second, if paypal is saying the money is unclaimed, that means the item is technically not paid for. You cant file a claim with Paypal to get your money back, because the transaction is not completed. Call Paypal and ask them to look into it.
It is showing as unclaimed either because the seller has a block on certain addresses, such as accounts from international addresses or student accounts. Or the seller has the wrong paypal address on her payment information. You need to sign into your paypal account and cancel the the payment, only you can do this. Or for some reason paypal is holding the payment and the seller has not been paid yet. If you can't cancel the payment you need to call paypal. If paypal has sent you an email regarding not to worry then the issue is probably paypal is holding the money.
It sounds like you paid through paypal with a credit card. If so, contact your credit card company and ask for a chargeback. Call paypal too, I hear they are very helpful on the phone...if you haven't already called.
I hope it gets resolved for you. I know I personally wouldn't close the case until I had my money or my item.
This seems like an unusual situation that needs to be kept between you, Paypal, and the seller. Only the three of you will be able to find a resolution to your problem, and it's against Etsy policy to discuss private transactions in the forums.
This thread may get shut down as we aren't supposed to discuss transactions. Please call Pay Pal.

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