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Harassment and abuse on Etsy

If you are going to own and run a website, you have to take responsibility. There is no phone number to contact Etsy and e-mail support takes weeks to get back to you, if they decide to at all. So how do we get ahold of anyone? My sister has a shop on here and is being harassed and threatened by a customer and there is no one to talk to about the issue. This seems irresponsible of Etsy. So what are we to do but stop using Etsy and make sure everyone else is aware of the poor policies of this site?

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I am sorry this is happening to her. There is a link to report harassment, but I would have your sister just stop answering the emails/Convos from the customer, but save them so if and when you get a response from Etsy she has them.
Thanks Elizabeth. She has them all saved. I would assume they can go in and view them.

Sorry this is happening to your sister. :(

Etsy doesn't have a phone line or anything but they do have a help file with directions to the relevant steps to take. This one may help?

here is the information about what to to if you are being harassed. it is from the help section.
She did use this section so hopefully she gets a response
I have to say, whenever I've contacted Etsy (not often at all), they've gotten back to me pretty quickly. But I agree with Elizabeth, tell your sister to request that the other party stop contacting her. Then stop responding to the convos if she hasn't already.

How long have you been waiting for a reply from Etsy?
This... but I haven't contacted them about something like what you are describing before. Good luck, hope you get it straightened out. :)
Just realized this was back in June 2013.... sorry....
Thank you all for the replies. I appreciate the feedback. She has filed a complaint. She has contacted Etsy twice in the past and they have never gotten back to her on either occasion. She only e-mailed them today, but is very doubtful she will get a response, based on her past experience with Etsy. It is very frustrating that we have been faithful sellers and buyers and in return do not have an outlet for solutions to problems occurring on the site. I would take more pride in my business if it were me.
I agree with you Jessica. We are Etsy's customers and if one of my customers posted here and said I didn't reply everyone would say "HOW TERRIBLE" of a seller I am. And that's over a $10 phone case. But I'll pay Etsy over $5000 this month in fees for my 4 stores + promo and it's okay for them to take weeks to get back to me if ever.

Has she stopped replying to the convos?
Also, this customer left unjust negative feedback for my sister's site. The seller can also leave negative feedback for the buyer, but it is not visible to the public or other sellers to judge if they want to sell to that buyer. So what is the point of being able to leave negative feedback? It just doesn't make sense. It is set up very poorly.
When someone is looking at your feedback they can click on "feedback left for others" and see what you wrote in response to the negative. They can't see who the feedback is for though. It's not much, but it's something if you want to tell your side of the story.
Ive sent several emails and they always reply back to me within a few days.
I am glad they responded to you quickly, however she has not had the same experience in the past. Multiple inquiries have gone completely ignored.
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