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What is Direct Traffic mostly made up of?

Yes I read the little info box that pops up when you click the ? but I noticed this is most every shpps' 2nd or 3rd most frequent traffic source per your Shop stats. No, I can't see yours, I went back and looked in thread where otherers posted their traffice sources. So, really what is this made up of for the most part?

Perhaps people who found your business card? People who see your name on Pinterest and instead of using the link, they type your name in? Just wondering.

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Does anyone know?
It depends on how you market. If you hand out a lot of business cards, it may be from that. If you use twitter, it may be from that. If a lot of people bookmark your shop, it could be from that.

I don't think there's one answer for all shops.
I am so ingnorant. What does bookmark mean? And why would someone do that?
A bookmark is just saving your favorite website so you don't have to type it in every time.

In firefox there is a star on the web address bar. That will bookmark a site
That means to save the page. So they can go back to the page favorites and find it again.
Ohh, well that's awful nice of them to save my page directly. I don't think I even have it saved directly.
direct traffic means the people who get to your site directly from a source that you provide. If you have a pinterest account and have a link to you site this is direct. Indirect is say someone pins your listing on their board and someone else sees it and says hey I want that. Or say they facbook someone with it and so on.
I like how you clarified that. I wondered about it too because I get alot of direct traffic but never any from where I market myself. So I AM getting the views from where I market myself just occasionally someone will see something of mine on behalf of someone else.. which is where twitter or pinterest will show up in my views feed.
yes it makes me think about how hard it is to create direct traffic and how if you just have fun and socialize where you passion is then the sales will come.
I am confused about the direct link from Pinterest. I didn't know Etsy's stats could see the difference between a pin on my board or a pin (of mine) on someone else's board. I thought all of these (pins from my board or anyone else's) are referrals that fall under "Pinterest" in your stats? As there is no way to directly link at Etsy shop to your Pinterest Business Page right now, correct?
no you are right. I just have been pinning a few of my arts via the pinterest link on my listing and then I notice I had 15 followers and such.
Oh I see you know what it means. Good question.
See if direct traffic is a source that I provide, this just confused me further because I only provide one on Facebook which I thought would be listed as "Facebook" in your stats, then I have pins of mine on Pinterest on my personal board. (I am currently working on moving them to my business board) but nevertheless they are on my personal board. You see I don't advertise anywhere else, so how is my 2nd biggest traffic source "direct traffic?"
I'm fairly sure my twitter traffic comes through as direct traffic.

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