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A while ago I saw a link to Betsi in the forums for bulk editing.
Can anyone provide me with that link. I think it was a free service, or at least had a free trial period.

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I have never used Betsi; sorry, Nancy. But I typed "Betsi" in the Forum Search Bar. A ton of things came up. Here is a Thread that you may find informative. I hope it helps you.

Edited to add: I'm too slow; Debbie and John got straight to it ;)
Thanks so much Debbie and John and Cheryl.
Use it and love it!
It's a very good service.
Betsi has made running my shop so much simpler, it's worth every penny and the support is amazing. If you need help or have a question there is also a team where you can talk directly to Graeme, the developer
I've tried it. I think it would be a good option for shops with lots of product. Otherwise there is also the free website, (see there Edit Express), depending on what you'd like to do.
Craftopolis can only do a fraction of the things Betsi can tho, it takes longer and its really easy to make a big mistake.
I find craftopolis a simple free alternative for a smaller shop. I would recommend Betsi to shops with larger stock. For a smaller/newer shop I'd suggest spending their money on other things. Everyone should give Betsi and craftopolis a try and see what works best for their situation.
Of course ..I was just commenting that if you want to be able to change virtually everything and not just some things, then Betsi is the better tool.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:03 pm Jul 27, 2013 EDT
Hi Stef,

There is a totally FREE version that you can use that still does more than Craftopolis called BETSI LITE ( )

Like it's big sister BETSI, you can SEE the listings that you are editing, you can SEE the changes as you make them, and you can REVIEW the changes before sending to Etsy - no more blind sending.

Both BETSi & BETSI LITE come with a dedicated Etsy team and FREE customer support. :)
Hi Graeme,
I downloaded Betsi Lite a few hours ago and couldn't figure out how to do a bulk editing of shipping times on all of my listings.
Any pointers? Please?
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:53 pm Jul 27, 2013 EDT
@ Nancy - BETSI LITE supports bulk Title, Description, Quantity, Shop Section, & Taxable editing.

For Processing times, tags, materials, Shipping, Images, Listing Variations (in BETA), Digital Files (in BETA), etc... you need to use BETSI

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