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How do you package large items?

Etsy has a reputation having neatly packaged items. However, I'm going to send off a large typewriter, It comes with its own carry case so that would act more of a reinforcement. But I don't want to spend a lot on a new clean package.

What are people's thoughts on recycling packages?

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when it comes to heavy, odd, or difficult to pack items then safe delivery comes first. if a recycled box does that the best then that is what i do. i usually send a brief note to my buyers with an explanation if the package is going to be less than attractive.
If its a clean box go for it! At $4 and $5 a box for large heavy boxes, I reuse wherever I can!
Yep, I agree - I'd be more than happy to receive something in recycled packaging as long as it kept my purchase safe!
If you ship a typewriter without carefully wrapping it, your customer is going to get a damaged typewriter. And a refund.

Frankly, safe packing trumps pretty packaging.

Even with a case, you need to ensure that any moving parts are strapped/taped - there's a great site that explains adequate packing for portable as well as full size typewriters.

I've purchased moving boxes from Lowes or Home depot, which are very reasonable.
You can get some of them free I go to furniture stores and ask them (nicely) if they have anything ready to throw away and if they would spare some.
Free! Furniture comes with lots of padding they don't use. Never had them say no
What I have ever used for large packages is not at all eco-friendly but the package arrives safely, and have always suggested the client to reuse the box.

I made a slab polyurethane packaging. It is sold in stores building. The material is easy to cut, is lightweight and tough. Absorbs bumps well. Can recycle plastic container if the client can not get use.

Being lightweight shipping charges by weight not rise much.

Good luck with it!
I get many of my heavy duty boxes from a local computer store, many of the boxes have very little if any writing on them and they are always clean. If they have writing on them I mark it out neatly with a black marker. I use recycled boxes for everything I ship, never had a complaint and have lots of compliments on my great packing. Customers are more concerned with getting their items safe and well packed then what kind of box they are shipped in.
I use a sturdy box most times from the grocery store and then wrap in brown packing paper.

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