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Priority Mail Express 1 Day or 2 Day?

I just created a label thru Etsy purchasing Priority Mail Express 1 day to go out tomorrow.
It's going all the way across the country. When will it get there? The customer needs it by Saturday.
USPS site says it will get there Saturday.
And can I have the mail carrier pick it up at my house and still have it get there on time or do I need to take it in to the post office?

Sorry for all the questions I'm worried about it getting there on time!

Thank you :)

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Inactive Etsy Member 8:43 pm Aug 1, 2013 EDT
Priority isn't guaranteed, so if it wasn't dropped in the mail today I would be a little worried about it arriving on time. The 1 and 2 day labels are guidelines about when it SHOULD arrive but it may take longer. I always take it to the post office if it's something that is on a deadline, or I will make sure that the postal carrier picks it up before I leave my studio for the day - otherwise I will drop it off at the blue box for the last pick up of the day.
express was just renamed to priority mail express. haven't looked but i think it's still guaranteed
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:45 pm Aug 1, 2013 EDT
BTW - The 1 and 2 day labels are based on how far away you are from the destination it's going to. I mailed a Priority 2 Day package to Maryland yesterday and I live in Virginia which is right next door, so who knows. It is showing that it should be delivered tomorrow though. The "2 Day" or "1 Day" isn't something we can choose, it generates automatically.
I'm in Nashville and sent a 2 day to Oregon? Was wondering about how it was calculated.
You would think "1 or 2 day" would mean what it says. It's my understanding that it also depends on the city; if it's a major city or smaller out of the way area. I once paid for Express Next Day, got it to the post office before the "cut off" time and it took a few days to arrive. I was so upset. I was lucky that the customer was nice about it and didn't want her money back.
If I need anything guaranteed, I use Express. There's no way to predict Priority.
Isn't Priority Mail Express the new name for Express Mail?
Yes, but it's still not guaranteed.
The way it works with my post office is that express is overnight to the half of the country that I am shipping from, and it has to be to the post office before noon if I want it there by the next day. If a package is going to the other side of the country, it will be 2 days.
Same here. Also, last time I printed a label for Express delivery, there were places on the label for the post office to complete. I was told I could not just drop it off in the box.
^^^What Brandi true.
If it's the new Express express priority thing, which is 1-2 days (not sure it counts Saturday), vs. Priority which is 2-3 days, and labels now estimate 1-3 days (not too confusing right?) then maybe.

But I would only consider it a maybe, and take it to the PO for departure scan.
Depends on your PO's schedule...mine (from OH) must be there before 1 pm for deliveries anywhere east of the Mississippi...west of that takes 2 days and it is not guaranteed...
It is confusing.... and yes they did change it.
Even though USPS says it will arrive on time I still wonder...

Anyway, thank you all for your replies! :)

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