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What makes you stand out from the crowd?

I have always had trouble with this question, and had no help to work towards this though out uni. Now iv finished uni and have come to sell my work, well there not selling.
Iv came up with a new a idea and iv seen a few people already do this, (one of the things you do learn in uni is: everything has already been done before, your idea is never a new one.) So I don't want to just fall in the crowd or be classed as a copy cat.

What do you do to make what you make unique, and stand out from those that also make the same as you? this might help me come up with an idea for me to do so.

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Well first of I think it is hard to come up whit a truly unique concept here on etsy just because we are so many creative people gathered in one spot. Someone else will always do something similar. But the beauty of it is that since we are so creative and so individual no two crafters items will look and feel the same.

That said, what makes my items stand out a bit is that I make the yarns I use and the wool and most of the other fibers come from local farmers. I also use non toxic methods of dyeing and processing the wool. That is my way to stand aside, but I would guess there are more etsians like me :)
This is the million dollar question! How do you make your work stand out from the thousands of other people creating similar items? I think we all wish we had the answer. I certainly don't.
For me personally, I looked around Etsy and saw lots of people selling vintage clothes with smaller sections devoted to accessories. I decided to focus on just the accessories, with enough variety (not just signed pieces or silver or what have you) that someone who isn't necessarily "into vintage" might stumble upon my shop and find something she likes. I also make myself very available for my customers. Unless I am sleeping, you're likely to hear back from me within an hour thanks to my smart phone. Then I give excellent branded packaging.
When I studied business many decades ago, I was taught that there are three "angles: to compete on:


And that realistically you can only do two of the three competitively. I challenge that and attempt to offer all three. So that is what I consider to be my angle! 3 out of 3!
That is a difficult question. Especially since just when you think you've figured out something new and different, you'll look around and find someone else is already doing it.

In general I think that people like that most of my items are made to order. It's not necessarily something new and innovative (especially on Etsy) but it is different from what many people are used to. And while most don't like the wait time, I think many do like knowing that a product is being created just for them, especially when they are able to make special requests.
For me my USP (Unique Selling Point) amongst my competitors is that I do a variety of items using the same fabric, so the buyer can get different accessories in different shapes and sizes to meet their needs- all in one place

Whereas I may have 10 choices of different items ,my competitors only do 3 or 4
I haven't even gone down the route of adding Curtains Blinds and Lampshades yet
Thank you all for responding to my question, whilst there all good for your business I think im going to have to try and come up with one for my own work lol. this I think we have worked out a very hard question to answer and come up with lol.
I don't think it is all that important to have something that no one else does. For instance I like foxes. Loads of people make things to do with foxes, so nothing original there in the idea. However, I will like some of those ideas in execution much more than others and some, possibly just the one, will call to me and that's the one I buy. I buy the most appealing, aesthetically and otherwise of it's kind. The level of craft and artistry comes into it too. Some people's work just stands out. So I would say, just keep doing what you love and do it as well as you can.
"Execution is everything" - there's nothing new under the sun so it's more about how you approach your craft/art than what you're actually making. That's always been my belief. I'm confident you could gather all the artists here on Etsy and say "draw me a cat" and get a million different results. And that's really part of the joy of creation in my opinion.
I could not agree with this more, find your own way to do your craft and you will be fine.
I agree with you too. Buyers aren't stupid and they can see who's just copying like Stacey Marie says.

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