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Direct Traffic

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Inactive Etsy Member 4:01pm Aug 13, 2013 EDT
Do views from the forums go to direct traffic or to Etys under teams?

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Teams, I believe.
I believe forum is Direct traffic since they click your shop name and not an item. Forums is not considered a team.
Actually all sections of the forums are considered teams. First click into a shop from the forums is counted as coming from teams.
Well, I'm a little confused then....I'm on a few teams, but I'm not active on them at all, and the only days when I see traffic from "Teams" is when I've spent the day posting in the forums. Also, if you hover over the question mark next to "Direct Traffic", the explanation doesn't sound very team-like...
Both. I think the first time someone clicks on your shop from the forums in a thread, the count goes to teams. All subsequent views of your shop from that thread go to direct traffic. I get many more views of this empty shop from posting here than I ever did when the items were visible for sale. All direct traffic and teams.

My other empty shop gets very little direct traffic because I am using this ID to post in the forums. That shop gets mostly views of sold items from outside search engines..
I think all clicks from the forum show as teams. I have had a post in the forums when it was the only post I made during that time period and I had multiple views from teams. If you were correct, I would only have had one view from teams and the rest would have been direct traffic.
That is the way my stats look. Views of your shop or items may follow a different pattern. When I reopen this shop, I will change to posting with my other ID. So all the direct traffic shop views from the forums won't clutter up my stats. This only started happening last year. Before that, all forum-related views showed in my stats as Teams. There are old threads in Bugs about this.
well then I am confused too. I post here all the time and I know I get views since I ask questions about my shop. It never says teams in my stats.
Never teams? Even a few shop views? I might get 40 views a day for my empty shop. About 5 on average show as teams, the rest as direct traffic.
I am new here, but just the other night I posted a question, and I noticed views coming in as "teams" which I had never seen before. I figured it was people looking and responding through the forum, but I could be wrong....coincidence?
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:26pm Aug 13, 2013 EDT
Thanks. It is confusing. Because I got so many direct views today and was told last week or so that views from forums go to Etsy under teams.

And its hilarious because I said that time that direct views come from forums and was immediately corrected.

How can anybody learn anything anymore??

I feel like a top that never stops spinning. LOL
I just clicked on your shop. Do you know what it came up as? Going to go back and look around - everything looks cool!!!!
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:49pm Aug 13, 2013 EDT
Thanks for the compliment Michele. Hard to tell because but it looks like its going direct traffic. Views just shot up on that.

Thanks for testing.

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