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Can explain how the etsy fees work?

I'm trying to sort out how the expenses go with listings and purchases through etsy so I can calculate everything out. Looking at my calculator and looking at the formulas for etsy listing, DC and PayPal, I realized I don't fully understand the etsy fees.

Leaving aside the DC and PayPal.

So etsy fees are $.20 and (insert percentage [I don't have my notes with me atm]). Is that $.20 for the listing fee or are listing fees separate from the fees etsy charges for when the item is sold?

For example, I list an item that's say $5 and it sells. Does the etsy fees work like:
$.20 for the listing
$.20 + % when it sells

Is that right?

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I think this can help you.

Good luck!
It's .20 for the listing fee, plus the % when it sells, not another .20.
Ah! Thank you. :)
The $.20 listing fee is separate and goes on your bill for the month when you list the item. The transaction fee percentage for the sale goes on your bill for the month when you sell it.

The exception is that if you have listings with multiple quantities and sell more than one at a time, then you would see the $.20 charged at the same time as the transaction fee for the additional quantities beyond 1.
The fee for listing is separate. It is a cost you pay whether the item sells or not. That fee is calculated based on when you make the listing, and not when the item sells.

If an item sells, then Etsy has a Transaction fee of 3.5%

For Direct Checkout, if an item sells, you can see the fee here(depends on country you sell from): US is 3% + 0.25 USD

For PayPal, the fee is:2.9% transaction fee on the total sale amount plus a $0.30 per transaction
There are 3 fees:

1. 20c to list
2. 3.5% final value fees on sales (item price only, not shipping)
3. Whatever credit card processor you use will also have transaction fees on the full amount - both Direct Checkout or Paypal has fees.
Make sure you facture in all of the fees in your price and include packaging material. I did not factor in how much they would take out in fees and it has hurt my profit.
Example 1; Today you list a widget for $10.00, with a quantity of 5. Your Etsy bill is charged a $0.20listing fee, Tomorrow a customer buys 2 widgets. Your Etsy bill is charged a $0.70 transaction fee for the 2 widgets, a $0.20 listing fee for the second widget, and a $0.20 auto-renew sold fee. Your DC or Pay Pal fees are separate, and are not listed on your Etsy bill.

Example 2: Today you list a whatsit for 10.00, with a quantity of 1. Your Etsy bill is charged a $0.20 listing fee. Tomorrow a customer buys your whatsit. Your Etsy bill is charged a $0.35 transaction fee. There is no automatic renewal.

Hope that helps.
I thought the .20 list fee was for the whole 4 months - now I am finding out it is for ONE MONTH at time - to equal .80 total for the listed item.

If I remove the item before the next billing cycle - will they continue to charge me .20 each month up to the 4 month period?
Where did you hear that??? The listing fee is for 4 months.

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