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Why am I not selling?

Hi everyone!

I started my shop more than 2 months ago but I haven't made any sales yet. I've asked this question before and made improvements based in the suggestions given here. I've improved my photos, tags and titles. I use social media as well. So what is the biggest problem with my shop?

Thank you so much

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I think it may help to add more items to your shop. I continually hear people say that their views made a significant jump once they had 50 items, so it may be worthwhile to do that. Good luck to you!
Hi! Thanks for the advice Tara :) I have a few more items that I will add soon
I don't have any advice.
tags maybe?
I like your items, bumping this up.
Thanks Kim, I'm glad you like my items!
Pay for etsy Search adds.

Promote your stuff on facebook.

Offer a coupon or gift card.

Use Twitter to tweet about new listings.

Get a professional banner for the storefront. And a logo.

Make sure your etsy store is linked to your Facebook, Pinterest and twitter and follow the above two rules.

Take clear and close up photos. Show the same item 3 or 4 different ways in the photo options so people can get a feel for it.

Keep your text in your listing sweet and short. People don't have time to scroll down to the bottom to read, they only read the first 2 paragraphs. And decide if they want the item based purely on the photograph and price.

Don't over price or under value your product. See what the same things cost on etsy, be competitive but not too drastic, people might think you are a fake.

Host sales once a month or over holiday periods or offer free shipping. Go to to host sales

Facebook and tweet about upcoming sales to prepare your audience, but DONT CONVO THEM. That is considered spam.

Hope these tips help boost your sales.

Good luck

Thanks Linda! I've done some of those before, like coupons and search ads, but they haven't really helped me a lot. I guess i need to add more items to my shop.
Ps. Love your store. Its very colorful. I think your banner needs to be pink and black, nice and bright and girly (kind of). Just my own designer opinion.
Linda, her banner may not be what you would choose but I don't think that's affecting her sales. Really, her banner is just fine.
I don't agree about the search ads. Most people think they are a big waste of money (including me)!
Use SEO in your shop title slot and your announcement: skip your shop name and instead put in keyword phrases in the shop title, and expand those phrases into several sentences at the beginning of your announcement. Search engines read these, and the first sentences of the announcement are included in search results, so you want to tell customers what you sell in as much detail as possible in a few sentences. Look at mine to see what I mean.

Best of luck!
Thanks for the great advice Jane! I will definitely try it.
Sorry last comment was meant for AverysChicBoutique... :-)
I really like your items as well. I echo the idea to get more in your store. My views jumped at 50 items, and even more once I got to 100. So I try to keep at least that many items as much as possible. to get off the ground, I did a giveaway on facebook. It helped me gain lots of fans on my fb business page, and lots of views in my shop. I also got my first 3 sales from people who found me during the giveaway, didn't win, so purchased the item they liked. Also, are you on any etsy teams? the ones I find the most helpful are the ones that enlist everyone to save each others' items on pinterest, twitter, wanelo, etc. So instead of just pinning your own item and hoping others will see and repin, you have anywhere between 20-100 different people all pinning it (depending on the size of team). of course, you have to promote their items in return, so it can be a little time consuming. But I didn't have any sales for 2 months, until I started participating in teams, and ran the giveaway.
Thanks for the great advice Becky :) I will add more items soon.
I had a question about your facebook giveaway, how many followers/fans did you have at that time? Because I only have 21 likes so I don't know if it's going to work.
I am on promotional teams and it really helps with views, but so far no sales.
I was at around 50 when I did the first giveaway, and jumped to 300. Now I'm almost to 600, still nothing huge, but it grows every time I do one. There is a fb giveaway app that you can use, and it drived traffic to your giveaway, so it's seen by others besides just your current fans :)
Any more ideas?
My shop picks up in sales when I am actively listing. If I let things get stale, I get less traffic. You have to feed the beast, as it were.

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