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etsy Ads on Facebook

I just saw an ad on Facebook for one of my listings. Is that just a happy coincidence? I don't have my etsy store linked to facebook that I know of.

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Wow..... that's great.
my daughter saw one the other day with my glass. We thought it was awesome.
They put ads on FB, I have had several, only click on it to make sure it's going back to your shop. I saw an ad of mine but when I clicked on it, it took me to the front page of Etsy not my shop. Still awaiting response, as I mentioned this in bugs.
Those ads tend to "take siggestions from" your computer's cookies which track where you've been. So often times, people who have an Etsy shop or who are on Etsy a lot will see either their own listings or listings they have visited before.

Just about an hour ago, I ordered some framing supplies on Ebay and a Facebook ad came up with "framing supplies". I had also visited Threadless a couple of hours ago, so I also was presented with a Facebook ad for Threadless. And one more "coincidink", I was googling a solution fo leg pain and I received an ad for Ben Gay as well as another ad for a woman who does Sports Massage for pain relief.
Correct, Kristian. We are the only ones that see those ads. I had looked for a coffee table on overstock and then the next day an ad for that very same table came up on my Facebook page. I think it's a bit creepy that cookies does this.
Creepy, indeed. It happens a lot more than people realize.
the internet has changed and sites and pages you visit on the web will appear in random ads. Big Brother has arrived!
Creepily intuitive isn't it? I just went back and the ad it is gone so I guess that was my 15 "seconds" of fame even though I'm the only one who probably saw it. ; )
I have had friends send me pictures of my items on FB. I figured it was because I pay for Search Ads.
I see those all the time. Facebook ads are related to things you look at on the internet. You look at your shop so facebook shows you an ad for it. Really creepy.
I had that happen once before.. I thought it was pretty awesome, to be honest. =)

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